Homeschooling for Anxiety in Children

Traditional schools can often be an intense environment for children, especially for those who suffer with anxiety or a severe anxiety disorder.

Homeschooling provides countless benefits to students who suffer with anxiety and anxiety disorders. It can help reduce anxiety-levels and provides them with the care and attention that they need. With less peer-pressure, a quieter and more focused environment and learning from the comfort of their own home, homeschooling offers multiple benefits to help relieve the feelings of anxiety whilst empowering students.

Common anxiety disorders in children include:

  • Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • School-based anxiety
  • Social anxiety
  • Panic disorder
  • Separation anxiety
  • Phobias, including school phobia

Why homeschooling could be the answer

For many children, anxiety affects their thoughts, feelings and behaviours; impacting their school, home and social life as well as their relationships with peers & teachers. Homeschooling provides a safe environment for children to learn at their own pace, surrounded by family. What’s more, educating at home is more flexible and if your child needs to attend regular appointments, they can catch up on recorded classes, so they don’t miss out or have gaps in their education. The autonomy that homeschooling provides has also shown to empower children and improve their self-esteem.

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Alison Manser


“The beautiful child we felt we’d lost was returning!”

Alison’s daughter suffered with severe anxiety. Within weeks of starting King’s InterHigh, Alison found that her daughter was happier. She was no longer sick with worry, stress, anxiety, and dread over school.
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Benefits of homeschooling a child with anxiety

  • Less public pressure.
  • Less time-pressure & strict structural rules.
  • They can take a break when they need to.
  • They learn in the comfort of their home, around those who care for them.
  • Offers a more flexible approach; providing time for therapy and self-care.
  • It encourages autonomy which helps build confidence.
  • They can learn at their own pace without fear of judgement.

Homeschooling with King’s InterHigh

Our welcoming school provides reassurance to those who suffer with anxiety disorders. We want each and every child to feel confident and thrive, to reach their full potential. Please take a look at some of the ways we support our students with anxiety & anxiety disorders:

  • Students can study at their own pace.
  • All live lessons are recorded for flexible, 24/7 access -ideal if they miss class or have appointments.
  • They can connect with like-minded students.
  • There’s more time for them to explore their own interests so they can thrive and gain confidence in the things that they love.
  • They are empowered try new things, all in their own time, so they won’t have to worry about being mocked by other students.
  • There is no classroom disruption or loud classroom environments that could cause upset and accelerate anxiety.