Why children who have been bullied may need homeschooling

Every child deserves a safe and supportive learning environment to thrive academically and emotionally. Unfortunately, some students may face the distressing experience of bullying in traditional school settings. If your child has experienced bullying, homeschooling could be the perfect solution. Some common examples children who experience bullying may face are:

  • Peer pressure
  • Physical bullying
  • Verbal bullying
  • Emotional abuse
  • Exclusion/isolation
  • Cyber bullying

Why homeschooling could be the answer

Homeschooling allows your child to escape the traditional school classroom dynamic and learn in an environment that feels more comfortable for them. An environment they feel safe and secure in will help to promote their learning, as well as their mental wellbeing.

One of the greatest advantages of homeschooling is the ability to work at your own pace. Unlike traditional schooling, homeschooling allows students to set their own learning pace. This fosters a positive learning experience and encourages students to regain their passion for education. Homeschooling allows students to build meaningful friendships with like-minded individuals, in a safe and supportive environment, without the fear of bullying, to create a sense of belonging. Homeschooling can also help to strengthen family bonds by increasing parental involvement in your child’s education. Parents can actively engage in their child’s education and provide additional support and guidance in navigating challenges related to bullying.

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“King’s InterHigh is not only a great place to learn, but also a lovely community and a place of encouragement.”

Sarah-Sophia was unable to attend her traditional school after becoming a suffering cyber-bullying, she continued her education by homeschooling with Kings InterHigh, she now has a successful career as a director for a PR firm.
Read more about Sarah-Sophia’s story here

Benefits of homeschooling because of bullying:

  • The child gets the work in a preferred learning environment that feels safe to them. 
  • They can engage in safe social connections and regain their confidence whilst making new friends. 
  • They will have the freedom to explore their interests amongst like-minded children. 
  • Parents gain a better insight into their child’s wellbeing. 

Homeschooling with King’s InterHigh

Homeschooling with King’s InterHigh offers a variety of flexible options to meet the unique needs of students affected by bullying:

  • Customised learning pace
  • Access to recorded lessons
  • Individualised support
  • Freedom to explore interests
  • Safe social connections
  • Connect with like-minded individuals

Homeschooling with King’s InterHigh empowers students to reclaim their education without the fear of bullying. Together, we can create a brighter future for your child.

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