Flexible Homeschooling for Your Child

Why homeschooling may be the best option for your child

Some families have unconventional lifestyles that may not fit in with the traditional school setting. In these cases, they might need an alternative solution, to ensure their child still receives an education. This is what flexible homeschooling can offer.

People who can benefit from additional flexibility include:

  • Families that travel or have nomadic lifestyles
  • Parents with non-traditional work schedules
  • Children with special educational needs
  • Mental or physical health reasons
  • Pursuing extracurricular activities
  • Young professionals, athletes and entrepreneurs

Why homeschooling could be the answer

Homeschooled children have the freedom to determine when and how they learn. This allows them to spend more time on challenging topics, ensuring a thorough understanding of complex concepts.

Similarly, students can accelerate through subjects they find easier, enabling them to progress quickly and confidently. Whether they’re ready to learn in the morning, or work best in the afternoons and evenings, homeschooling allows you to structure learning around your child’s peak performance times.

Flexible homeschooling also accommodates other commitments, such as training schedules for elite athletes or rehearsals and shows for performing artists, so your child can pursue their passions while excelling academically.

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Luka Maier


“I can ski in the morning in great conditions, and then head back home and catch up with school in the afternoon.”

Lukas needed homeschooling so that he could fit his education around his ski race training, which is exactly what King’s InterHigh has been able to provide him with.
Read Luka’s story

The benefits of flexible homeschooling

  • Learning at your own pace, unlike traditional classrooms that follow age-based teaching years, homeschooling empowers your child to study at the level that is most appropriate for them.
  • Promotes wellbeing and healthy sleep patterns by providing your child with the flexibility needed to help realign their sleep patterns to their natural rhythm, promoting wellbeing and mental clarity which can help to improve their grades.
  • Ability to pursue other interests such as acting, sports or professions during traditional school hours.
  • Travel without disrupting education, as the live lessons that are available in 3 different time zones are all recorded and can be accessed 24/7.

Homeschooling with King’s InterHigh

King’s InterHigh offers a variety of flexible options to meet the unique needs of families needing support with homeschooling. These are just some of the ways in which our homeschooling provides flexibility:

  • Set your own learning pace.
  • 24/7 access to recorded lessons.
  • Individualised support for children.
  • More visibility for parents on your child’s progress.
  • Freedom to explore interests and pursue passions.
  • Learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

Homeschooling with King’s InterHigh empowers families to create a learning experience that aligns with their unique needs, goals, and lifestyle.