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Showcase: King’s InterHigh students flourish creatively on Assured arts courses

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At King’s InterHigh, we value creativity. Since our online school was founded in 2005, we’ve worked to bring our students a wide variety of ways to engage in the arts. Today, we’re proud to say that more than 50% of our learners study at least one artistic subject — such as our Assured courses.

Assured subjects are courses that support our GCSE learners to broaden their horizons in a variety of unique fields. Certified by City and Guilds, one of the world’s most renowned awarding bodies, Assured courses are two-year qualifications assessed entirely through a collection of student-produced work.

We offer Assured courses in a range of subjects, from game development to health management, but many the available subjects focus on the creative arts. Ahead of our upcoming Assured Course Graduation ceremony for 2022, we’re delighted to share some of the best work from our Art and Design in Action and Photography Perspectives classes this year.

Art and Design in Action

The Assured course in Art and Design is a fantastic foundation for budding creatives. Over the course of the programme, students learn how to research, create, and evaluate their own artwork, building the skills they’ll need for careers in graphic design, illustration, and more. Even if students don’t aspire to work in the arts, they’ll enjoy exploring their creative interests and passions in greater depth on this course.

Some of the skill students learn on the Art and Design course include:

  • How to use various materials and mediums
  • How to build a portfolio
  • How to work to a client’s brief
  • How to create art for different audiences

This year, Art and Design students at King’s InterHigh created their own unique response to the theme “Futurescapes: reimagining the urban landscape through illustration.”

Student showcase: Emily Weston

Take a look at one of the amazing pieces our Year 11 student Emily Weston produced for Art and Design in Action this year:

Emily said: “I want to make sure the eye is the most important and highlighted part within the piece and I think the really close up eye idea will make that work. I want to use the lens-like pupil from the original drawing on the developed one to allow for extra detail as well as shadows. It also links further into the idea of a technological future rather than something that is just unnatural as of the present time.”

More of Emily’s work can be seen here:



Student showcase: Rachel McKay

Here’s one of the amazing pieces our Year 11 student Rachel McKay produced for Art and Design in Action this year:

Rachel said: “I did a response inspired by “cyberpunk 09.” I was inspired by the similar artistic impetration to humans in the future I studied previously and how technology and us could end up evolving with one another in the future. It made me question our future relationships with technology and how we emerge together. 

Check out another piece of Rachel’s artwork for the “Futurescapes” prompt:

Rachel said: “My art piece is an exploration into the future and our eventual merge with technology. Set on a futuristic blue background I digitally painted a portrait of typical women then added technological glowing eyes and eyelashes. I also used a collaging technique which I experimented with in my mixed media research and added a circuit board pattern behind the eyes, removing the pupils and in turn removing a lot of her humanity as the eyes are the door to ones’ soul.

Photography Perspectives

On the Assured course in Photography, students get to develop their love of photography into a fully-fledged creative skill. Whether students aspire to work in photography or they simply love snapping pictures of the world around them, they learn a wide variety of skills on this programme that help them take their camera work to the next level.

On the Photography course, students explore topics such as:

  • The history and background of photography
  • How to use camera equipment
  • How to use different photography techniques
  • How to prepare a portfolio

This year, Photography students at King’s InterHigh created their own unique response to the theme “Reflections: Exploring light and reflection through lens-based media.”

Student showcase: Brodie Kay

Here are a few of the amazing photos our Year 11 student Brodie Kay took for Photography Perspectives this year:


Brodie says: “At first my photos were mostly of nature, particularly withered flowers and the beauty that reflects in all living things. My images are about paying attention to scenes you may walk by every day but probably don’t even notice. By taking these images, they act as a reminder that beauty is reflected everywhere. That is why nature was my main theme in reflections. The journey of life and death, from withered flowers to spring bulbs.”


Event: Assured Course Graduation 2022

We will be holding our 2022 Assured Course Graduation event on Thursday 12th May at 4:00 p.m. British time, and we encourage all families to attend.

The Assured Course Graduation celebrates and congratulates the amazing students who have completed their two-year programmes. We’ll also be awarding in-house accolades to some of the most stellar work produced this year.

To learn more about how Assured courses work, read our article: 7 fascinating subjects to study alongside online GCSEs at King’s InterHigh

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