April 27, 2022

Why study the IB Diploma Programme online

By King's InterHigh

If you’re looking for a well-rounded, international, independently driven pathway to the world’s top universities, the International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme could be the right qualification for you. Of course, once you’ve chosen to study the IBDP, you’ll also need to decide where to study it.

King’s InterHigh is now the world’s first school to offer the IB Diploma Programme entirely online — and there are numerous benefits to our online education.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to study the IB online with us this September.

Learn from anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of studying the IB Diploma Programme online at King’s InterHigh is that you can learn from anywhere in the world.

While there are IB schools in numerous countries, it can often be surprisingly difficult to find one nearby. Families living outside major cities may find that there simply aren’t any IB schools within commuting distance.

Even if you do live close enough to an international school that offers the IBDP, many have lengthy waiting lists. In fact, international school experts often recommend applying over a year in advance. If you’re looking to study the IB this upcoming academic year, it may be too late to find a traditional school with places available.

The online IB Diploma at King’s InterHigh, on the other hand, is accessible to students in many locations. Each school day, King’s InterHigh’s highly qualified teachers deliver live, online lessons to students around the world. As long as you have a computer with an internet connection, you can get an outstanding IB education with us no matter where you live.

Recorded lessons

Alongside teaching all our classes live, we also record every lesson for viewing at any time.

If you miss one of your IB lessons at a traditional school, you’ll need to catch up on your own. With 24/7 access to lesson recordings at King’s InterHigh, you can listen to your teachers’ and classmates’ discussions even after class is over.

Recorded lessons also serve as an amazing way to revise for IB exams. With recordings, there’s no need to spend valuable study time trawling the internet for resources. Instead, students can rewatch their past classes and reabsorb all the information they originally learned.

School-life balance

Our lesson recordings are certainly ideal for sick days and study time, but they’re also incredibly valuable for creating the best school-life balance. An academically rigorous qualification, the IBDP involves more study time than many other online courses. As such, students with commitments outside of school are usually forced to choose between taking the IB or continuing their passions.

Young athletes need to train alongside schooling, while young actors may have to attend auditions during school hours. Student entrepreneurs need to find time to run their businesses while studying, and youth activists have important causes to keep up with. In a mainstream school, balancing these responsibilities with IB Diploma classes can be impossible.

With recorded lessons and timetable flexibility, online IBDP students get more freedom to pursue their interests without compromising their IB education. At King’s InterHigh, learning revolves around you. That’s why so many young athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, activists, and learners with incredible passions enjoy studying with us.

Engaging classes

The IB Diploma Programme is filled with interesting topics, from genetic diseases around the world to the theory of how knowledge comes to be. At King’s InterHigh, we use a range of interactive elements to make our IB classes just as engaging as the subject matter.

Through our robust digital learning platform, teachers can get everyone involved in active learning through polls and quick quizzes. As well as speaking up on microphones and webcams, you can contribute ideas at any time by typing in the chat box, all without disrupting the flow of the class. Students can also split up into breakout rooms, which are great for the small group research you’ll conduct as part of your independent IB study.

Innovative technologies

Alongside a suite of digital classroom tools, our online IB Diploma students also enjoy a range of innovative technologies designed to enhance the learning experience. One such technology is virtual reality, also known as VR.

At King’s InterHigh, we’ve conducted our own extensive educational VR testing. The results show that targeted use of virtual reality gives students a significant learning boost. So, throughout the year, our IB students will get to use virtual reality headsets in a variety of ways.

In IB Biology, you may use VR to explore the inside of a heart. In IB Geography, virtual reality can take you on field trips anywhere in the world. Alongside creating a more exciting learning experience, this technology immerses learners in their studies, showing how their knowledge can apply to the real world.

Global community

As the name suggests, the International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme is a globally minded qualification that encourages international thinking. So, what better way to study the IBDP than as part of a vast global community?

At King’s InterHigh, we teach students spread across every continent in the world. You’ll share your IB classrooms with learners from different backgrounds and cultures, all working towards their own educational goals. All the while, you’ll be honing your skills in virtual collaboration and communication, setting you up for the hybrid world of work now and in the future.

Everyone’s understanding is shaped by their own lifestyle and history. Together, classmates will get to share their own unique perspectives on each topic. When all these ideas are brought together, our students get incredibly rich insights on how different themes, concepts, and ideas apply in different regions across the globe.

The IB online at King’s InterHigh

Online IB students will begin learning at King’s InterHigh this September 2022. To secure your place and become part of our global student community, click here to register your interest.


By King's InterHigh

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