January 19, 2022

Why online school is perfect for gifted students

By King's InterHigh

Since academically gifted children and teens excel in their learning, many assume they’ll have no trouble in school. However, these students often do struggle through traditional education for a multitude of reasons.

For example, many gifted students find their work too easy, leading to boredom and demotivation in the classroom. While it may be possible to skip a year, this presents its own challenges.

For other students, a traditional learning environment simply isn’t suited to their learning style and pace. Lessons in physical schools are often filled with distractions, from idle chatter to teachers pausing classes while they deal with behaviour. When classroom disruptions pull gifted students away from their learning, these children often struggle to stay motivated to succeed.

Sadly, research has also found that gifted students are more vulnerable to bullying in school. In one study, educational researchers discovered that over 65% of gifted children had been victims of bullying by the time they reached their teen years. These issues may be even more of a concern for twice-exceptional (2e) students — those who are both gifted and have a condition such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, or anxiety.

Thankfully, there is an alternative path to education that can be perfect for gifted students: online schooling. Let’s take a look at some of the ways a virtual school can support these children and teens to thrive.

Learn at a faster pace


For gifted students, the clearest benefit of online schooling is the ability to learn at a faster pace. In traditional schools, high-achieving children may be offered the opportunity to skip a year, or even two. However, while this can boost a gifted child’s academic satisfaction and ensure they feel challenged in their work, skipping a year in a physical school also comes with its own cons.

One of the key issues is that while children may be academically advanced, they won’t always be emotionally and socially prepared to skip a year. Many gifted children have the same interests, maturity, and communication skills as their same-aged friends. As such, many struggle to form bonds when faced with a class full of students who are older than them — and they may lose their friendships from previous years.

Online school, however, can give students the best of both worlds. When virtual school students skip a year, they’ll still have plenty of opportunities to socialise with children their own age. Online schools make use of digital clubs, safe social media platforms, and more to bring students together, no matter where they’re at in the curriculum. Since these schools are becoming an increasingly popular choice for gifted pupils, your child may even have fellow year-skippers in their interactive classes.

It has also given me an edge in terms of age. Because I could skip years whilst at [King’s] InterHigh, I started university at 15, had my Master’s at 19, and my PhD at 24.

– Kieran Bjergstrom, King’s InterHigh alumnus and quantum physics entrepreneur

Study without distractions


Has your child complained about distractions and disruptions in their current school? When a student is trying to focus on their learning, interruptions from classroom chatter or disruptive behaviour can feel very frustrating. Gifted children and teens may struggle with this even more, especially those who feel they’re already being held back by the pace of their classes.

The beauty of online school is that classroom distractions become a thing of the past. For example, even though all our classes at King’s InterHigh are taught live with interactivity from students, our online platform makes classroom management a breeze.

While students still discuss learning with their peers and teachers throughout their lessons (via camera, microphone, or text), there’s no background chatter to worry about. Our engaging classes also do a great job at keeping children focused, but if a student is ever disruptive, teachers can mute a microphone with the touch of a button and address the concern when the lesson is over.

The lack of disruptive elements also meant that lessons were uninterrupted.” 

– Kieran Bjergstrom, King’s InterHigh alumnus and quantum physics entrepreneur

More time to explore interests

Even the most gifted students shouldn’t spend 24/7 studying; high achievers benefit from exploring a variety of different interests. Athletics and arts, for example, are great for well-rounded development. Some students may also want to get a head start on their career by taking on work experience, shadowing a professional, or practicing skills. Even leisurely activities like playing video games or having fun outdoors are important, improving children’s well-being and helping them stay motivated to learn.

When gifted students spend the better part of each day in a physical classroom and much of their evenings doing homework, it’s not easy to find the time for extra-curricular activity. That’s where the flexibility of online school comes in.

Live lessons at King’s InterHigh, for example, are all recorded and uploaded to a central platform. This allows students to take on external commitments like rehearsals or internships without worrying about missing classes.

Plus, since online schools also do away with the typical disruptions and hold-ups, teachers can deliver all the material for their classes in a shorter space of time. As such, the average day at a virtual school is usually shorter than it would be at a traditional school. This gives gifted students even more time to find and follow their passions.

Online learning can be freeing for the academically ahead, providing ample time to explore one’s interests and efficiently covering exam learning.

– Kieran Bjergstrom, King’s InterHigh alumnus and quantum physics entrepreneur

Get the best education anywhere

Ultimately, gifted students striving for academic success need a high-quality school with a strong curriculum and excellent teaching. Of course, these schools aren’t always accessible. Many children and teens live too far away from a good school to make the daily commute. Others, such as expatriate children, move around frequently and find themselves stuck on waiting lists for the best international schools.

When you enrol at a leading online school like King’s InterHigh, your child can get the best education for their needs no matter where you are in the world. Our passionate, qualified, expert teachers deliver the British curriculum to students across the globe, many of whom are gifted or high achievers. With a flexible learning model and excellent teaching platform, we’re committed to nurturing each individual student’s potential and guiding them on their journeys.

To learn more about King’s InterHigh, join us at a virtual open day or get in touch with our Admissions Team for help.

By King's InterHigh

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