Article January 10, 2019

Pupil Interview: Singer and Russian pop star Eden Golan

By King's InterHigh

Singer Eden Golan is a member of Russian pop group The Cosmos Girls. She was invited to join the band after reaching the finals of the Voice Kids Russia 2018. We asked her about her experiences and how InterHigh is helping her to keep on top of her studies as well as the pop charts.

Fitting in your studies around your career must be challenging, why did you join InterHigh and how does it compare to your previous educational experiences?
I joined InterHigh with the hope that I will be able to attend school more than I could attend normal school, because when I went to a normal school, I would usually miss a ton of lessons and catching up was really hard. InterHigh gives me the opportunity to attend school way more and also gives me a possibility to catch up by watching recordings.
When did you start singing? How did you get involved in it?
I started singing when I was 9 years old. It all started on winter holidays in Thailand when I decided to sing ‘Jingle Bells’ with my friend at the lobby restaurant. I really enjoyed it so I decided to start taking vocal lessons. Over time I kept really enjoying it so I decided to go to a singing contest called ‘New Wave Junior’. I Passed the auditions and this is when my singing career began.
You reached finals of the Voice Kids Russia 2018, was that the biggest show you’d featured on up to that point?
Yes, that was the biggest show I’ve been featured in up to that point. Before The Voice I was the finalists of New Wave Junior 2014. Then I took part in WCOPA (World Championships of Performing Arts) in Hollywood and I won 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 1 bronze medal, and was the “Champion of the world” division winner ages 11-13. After that I was the finalist of Russia National Eurovision Contest 2015. After that I didn’t participate in any contest before The Voice, I just kept working on singing, trying to become better.
You impressed the judges on the Voice with your first performance on the show with ‘Love on the Brain’ by Rhianna, is she one of your musical heroes? Which singers and stars do you look up to?
I wouldn’t say that Rihanna is one of my musical heroes but she is an artist which I look up to and learn from. Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Jessie J are probably the artists whom I would say are my musical heroes. Each one of them impress me in a different way, being in vocals, in their artistic, and how they behave themselves on stage, how they keep their audience entertained.
Were you nervous or more excited before walking on stage for The Voice for the first time? And what surprised you the most about the whole experience?
I was very nervous and extremely excited before the blind auditions because I didn’t know what will happen next. Singing to the back of the judges was a new and very interesting experience because you don’t know what the judges think of you, you can’t see their emotions and gestures. Also, I found that singing to a person’s back is a little harder than when you sing looking at someone. It’s harder to portray the meaning of the song as well as you don’t know if they like it or not. Quite a nerve-racking experience to be honest.
What was your favourite moment on stage?
My favourite moment on stage on The Voice was probably when I saw the first chair turn. It was an unforgettable feeling that can’t be explained through words. It was a feeling of relief in some way, but you still know that the audition is not over and you have to keep doing your best. Also finishing the song and actually realising where you are at and what is happening is quite unbelievable! For the first minute or so I thought I was in a dream.
Any funny stories you can share with us?
When the song finished and I realized that I am in the project, I didn’t know what to do… I wanted to shout, jump, spin, hug someone… it was an overload of emotions haha!
You are now in the girl band Cosmos Girls, can you tell us how that came about?
After The Voice the producer Grigory Leps offered me the place in the group.
There are some really big names from the world of Russian music featuring in the video for your latest single – ‘Mama Ama Rich…‘ such as Philipp Kirkorov, Emin Agalarov and of course Grigory Leps . . . what is it like working with all these big names?
It was really fun and exciting however it wasn’t something surprising because I already worked and sang with famous singers.
What has been your favourite moment of being a Cosmos Girl so far?
Probably performing on stage and shooting our videos!
What’s next for you and the Cosmos Girls?
We are working really hard and have a couple of songs which will soon be out!
What has the reaction been like from your family and friends to your success?
My family, of course supports me tremendously and is very happy and proud of what I have already reached. My best friend is a huge supporter and she really motivates me.
Can you talk us through a typical day when you’re appearing in a show or shooting a video and how you fit school in around it if it falls on a school day?
Usually when I have a shoot or a concert, I wake up really early and try do some homework if I can. Then I might attend school in the depending on my timetable. After concerts and shootings I try my best to finish my homework, however I think you can imagine its quite hard.
What can pupils and staff at InterHigh expect to see you in next? What’s coming up?
As I said, we have a lot of new upcoming songs and concerts awaiting haha!
You can study at InterHigh wherever there’s an internet connection, what are the most unusual places you’ve had a live lesson?
Probably the most unusual place where I attended a live lesson was at the grocery store!
Why is InterHigh a good option for people in the entertainment industry? Would you recommend it to your peers and if so why?
I would really recommend InterHigh because teachers are very understanding and attending school is way more fun!
Aside from signing up to the InterHigh Activity Weekend performance, what advice would you give to InterHigh pupils interested in getting involved in music?
I think the most important thing is to follow your dreams and try become better at what you love doing. Work hard because one day, you will see the result, and a good result is never frustrating!

Singer Eden Golan is a member of Russian pop group The Cosmos Girls. She was invited to join the band after reaching the finals of the Voice Kids Russia 2018. We asked her about her experiences and how King’s InterHigh is helping her to keep on top of her studies as well as the pop charts.

By King's InterHigh

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