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Primary virtual exhibition: the King’s InterHigh Art Show 2022

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From June 27th to July 3rd, we at King’s InterHigh are celebrating our 2022 Summer Arts Festival — an exciting time for families and teachers to come together and highlight the incredible skill, talent, and creativity of our students all around the world.

Part of this festival is our Art Show 2022 virtual exhibition, where we’re showcasing the amazing fine, modern, and digital art pieces our learners have created over the past year. Want to see some of the highlights? Keep scrolling!

First up, let’s take a look at some exemplary work from our young Key Stage 2 Primary learners aged 7 to 11.

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Year 3

This year, Year 3 students participated in the Let’s Colour Project in Creative Media. Our young pupils created artworks inspired by abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler and modernist Georgia O’Keefe, exploring how artists use colour to create.

Following this, Year 3 created dioramas inspired by “Obliteration Room” (2002), an installation by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama which begins as a white space and ends with thousands of colourful spots spread all around.

Student showcase: Caoimhe Bowers, Year 3

Caoimhe’s commentary:This is my sea diorama. I cut out the shape of an octopus from paper and stuck it onto blue paper with shiny dots on it because I thought the dots looked like bubbles. I attached fish I had cut out and hung them up with some wool to make it look like they are swimming around the octopus.

Student showcase: Thomas Augustin Alcayaga Zenteno, Year 3

Watch the full Year 3 gallery walkthrough:

Year 4

In Year 4 Creative Media this year, students looked at the mythology of the Greek chimera, a created made up of several different animals.

In response to their studies, our learners created their own animation sculptures influenced by Oaxacan (“wah-hah-kan”) papier mâché alebrijes — fantastical sculptures created by folk artists in Mexico. These sculptures are created using colourful patterns and shapes.

Student showcase: Skylar Chacon

Watch the full Year 4 gallery walkthrough:

Year 5

Our Year 5 students spent time this year exploring the sights, sounds, feels, and smells of a city through line, shape and colour. As part of their learning, they looked at British visual artist Shantell Martin’s Follow the Pen drawings.

Influenced by a range of perspective drawings, photomontages and urban installations, Year 5 Creative Media students designed public art pieces with real-world themes.

Student showcase: Rhauri Samuels

Artwork Title: ‘COVID Broke the World’

Rhauri’s commentary:It is made from EVS foam, airdry and polymer clay, and acrylic paint. In real life, I would like this to be a public installation made of metal and coloured with enamel paint with cutouts for the land and 10 times bigger.

[I was inspired by] COVID and the war in Ukraine. I think about how many people have died from COVID, the violence, the economy, and now the war. The world seems so broken now and it all started with COVID.

The monument is inclusive. Everyone was affected by COVID. I think the doctors and nurses who look at it will remember how hard they fought against COVID and remember the people who died in the hospital and around the world. Kids who look at it will remember missing school and their friends. Adults will remember working from home and vaccines. And everyone will remember wearing masks. It is thought provoking because the virus and the red cracks touch everywhere on the earth.

Student showcase: Ayomide Aboderin

Artwork Title: ‘The Life of Windsor’

Ayomide’s commentary:I made this piece from card, lolly sticks, tissue paper, ribbon, masking tape and glue. I love music and theatre and I live near Windsor. This also reminds me of stories, and the bad and good that happens in music and theatre. Visitors would like this as it represents the life we have in Windsor town, for all age ranges.

Student showcase: Quyn Zurhorst

Watch the full Year 5 gallery walkthrough:

Year 6

Finally, in Year 6 Creative Media, learners were tasked with the Anthropomorphism project: creating an animal-inspired character for a book, game, film, ceremony, or artwork. These characters combine elements of each student’s identity and personality with those of their chosen inspiration. To create the best possible pieces, students examined various case studies, including the Disney franchise.

Student showcase: Eason Hau

Eason’s commentary:I did a parrot to show communication with empathy and that everyone has a choice all the time. There always time to do the right thing or say the right thing with understanding and it’s never too late. Do it with courage and have a voice. We all have a voice, but sometimes we need courage to speak up to do the right thing. Sometimes we can sorry if we hurt someone’s feelings or have a voice to tell someone we care if they are sad.

Student showcase: Matthew Norton-Buchleitner

Matthew’s commentary:First I gathered images of me playing my saxophone and a wolf howling, I next drew the basic outline of me with the wolf head and the saxophone adding as much detail as possible. I added masking fluid to the bright parts of the saxophone and started painting the lighter blue stripes on the T-shirt, I then dried the light blue stripes before beginning the darker stripes. After finishing the stripes on the T-shirt, I started painting the arms.

My character’s message is important because climate change is real, and animal’s habitats are actually getting destroyed.

Watch the full Year 6 gallery walkthrough:

Middle East (GST) student showcase

Finally, let’s take a look at the amazing work created by our Primary KS2 students across the Middle East Gulf Standard Timetable!

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