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Lower secondary virtual exhibition: the King’s InterHigh Art Show 2022

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From June 27th to July 3rd, we at King’s InterHigh are celebrating our 2022 Summer Arts Festival — an exciting time for families and teachers to come together and highlight the incredible skill, talent, and creativity of our students all around the world.

Part of this festival is our Art Show 2022 virtual exhibition, where we’re showcasing the amazing fine, modern, and digital art pieces our learners have created over the past year. Want to see some of the highlights? Keep scrolling!

Let’s take a look at some exemplary work from our Key Stage 3 Lower Secondary learners aged 11 to 14.

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Year 7

In Year 7 Creative Media this year, students have been studying graphic design and advertising. For the project component of their studies, our learners produced posters, jingles, and television ads designed to encourage young people to spend more time outside. To create this media pieces, they learned all about how to use colour psychology, typography, and visual language when communicating with their audience.

Student showcase: Lavinia Chicu, Year 7

Lavinia’s commentary:Being out side can change the way we think to more calmly. Walking can help you lose stress and anxiety it also can help you feel safe and calmer and you feel different parts of your brain activate!

Watch the full Year  7 gallery walkthrough:

See the videos Year 7 produced:

Year 8

In Year 8, our Creative Media students explored themes personal and political identity through a study of of graffiti art and stenciling, inspired by Banksy and street artist JR. Year 8 then created a stencil design on a portable product to highlight their chosen inspirational message.

Student showcase: Raheen Yousaf

Raheen’s commentary: My main concept was to make a powerful and bold message addressing climate change over-lapping the short but compelling lettering in the form of graffiti art. I chose the butterfly to represent the earth because it is delicate and beautiful.  I researched and the earth melting was pretty common, so I chose to do a different approach to that topic. When I chose that I also thought of putting the cool colours in the wings, cracking to show the butterfly / the Earth is breaking. I think it will appeal to audiences of any age because climate change is a problem for everyone, and it affects everyone. Maybe because of my use of contrasting colours it will attract younger audiences also because ‘We’re Running Out of Time’ is very thought-provoking and climate change will be worse for future generations.

Watch the full Year  8 gallery walkthrough:

Year 9

Year 9 Creative Media explored automated drawing machines, including four artist case studies. Our students then developed their very own drawing machines inspired by Echo Yang, Olafur Eliasson, Rebecca Horn and Karina Smigla-Bobinski.

Student showcase: Hamza Ishtiaq

Watch the full Year  9 gallery walkthrough:

See the videos Year 9 produced:

Key Stage 3 Art

Our Key Stage 3 Art students were introduced to portraiture through art historical context this year. They studied a variety of art styles and artists, including pointillism (Georges Seurat), post-impressionism (Vincent Van Gogh), fauvism (Henri Matisse) and pop art (Andy Warhol). After examining the painting styles nad techniques used, our students set out to emulate by producing their portraits using the grid technique.

Student showcase: Naila Rajput

Naila’s commentary: I think people who are knowledgeable in the history of art. Without that knowledge of what these styles are I don think may people would understand what I was trying to do or be able to appreciate the effort.

Watch the full KS3 Art gallery walkthrough:

Middle East (GST) student showcase

Finally, let’s take a look at the amazing work created by our Lower Secondary KS3 students across the Middle East Gulf Standard Timetable!

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