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4 ways online A Levels at King’s InterHigh can help you get into your dream university

By King's InterHigh

Whether you’re aiming for world-renowned institutions like Oxbridge or a specialist school like the Royal Veterinary College, your dream university doesn’t have to stay a dream forever. No matter where you set your sights, you have the power to make it there.

Of course, getting into a top university takes hard work and dedication. That’s why one of the best ways to ensure you’ll stand out from your fellow applicants and impress the Admissions office is to choose the right sixth form. A great sixth form will support you from every angle and provide you with all the resources you need to successfully blaze your academic trail.

If the idea of studying your A Levels online captures your interest, King’s InterHigh could be the right sixth form for you. At our online school, you can attend live, interactive lessons from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world. Over the past 16 years, thousands of students King’s InterHigh have gone on to achieve their dreams in all sorts of fields, including academia. Read on to learn just four of the ways we can help you get into the university of your dreams.

Wide range of subjects

The A Level subjects you choose will have a big impact on whether you get into the university of your dreams. This is especially true if you’re aiming for one of the many degrees that require good grades in specific courses. If you want to study a Bachelor of Science (BSc), for example, you’ll typically need to have an A Level qualification in science. Similarly, modern foreign language degrees often require an A Level in your target language.

Of course, even if the degree you’ve set your sights on doesn’t require any specific A Levels, choosing the right subjects for you will still be a big help in getting the grades you deserve. If you attend a Sixth Form with limited options and you’re forced to choose a course you don’t like, you may find it very difficult to stay motivated.

At King’s InterHigh, we offer a robust range of 21 A Level subjects across multiple areas of study. For students with STEM aspirations, our options include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths, and Computer Science. If you prefer humanities and social sciences, choose between History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Law, Classical Civilisation, and Politics.

Budding linguists, meanwhile, can opt for English Language, English Literature, French, German, and Spanish. Future entrepreneurs may benefit from studying Business or Economics with us, and we also have a Media Studies A Level for creative-minded students. No matter what you want to study at university, you’ll find the right subjects for your degree choice at King’s InterHigh.

Distraction-free classes

There’s no doubt that succeeding in your A Levels and impressing the top universities requires focus. However, traditional classrooms are often filled with distractions that make studying difficult. If you’ve ever felt frustrated when your teacher had to pause a lesson to deal with a misbehaving classmate, you’re not alone.

With online schooling at King’s InterHigh, you’ll finally get classes that are free from distractions and disruptions. Just as in a traditional school, all our lessons are taught live by expert teachers. However, since every student remains in the comfort of their own home, interruptions become a thing of the past.

Better yet, you don’t even need to worry about disruptions in your own home. On those days when life gets in the way of your studies, you can always catch up with your classes whenever you’re ready. All of our lessons are recorded and uploaded to our learning platform, which is available 24 hours a day, so you’ll never miss a moment of teaching.

I wasn’t a fan of traditional school and it made me feel miserable sometimes which I’m sure many students can relate to. InterHigh was definitely a step-up as I looked forward to my lessons and I had more autonomy with how I managed my studies.
— Walid Sahibi, who got into the University of Oxford after studying his A Levels at King’s InterHigh

Online teaching that works

If you struggled with online schooling during the pandemic, you may be sceptical about attending an online sixth form. However, King’s InterHigh is completely different to the virtual education you’ve experienced before. While many traditional schools were thrust into at-home learning unexpectedly with little idea of how to make it work, our school has been designed and optimised for online learning for over 15 years.

At King’s InterHigh, we’ve developed a proven method of online learning that truly works. Each week, your classes will be split into a combination of Learn lessons and Explore lessons. During Learn lessons, you’ll receive a comprehensive presentation of what you’ll be learning that week, akin to a university lecture. In your subsequent Explore lessons, which are taught in small classes of no more than 20 students, you’ll get to delve into each topic in more detail and home in on all the important facts.

Our highly qualified and passionate teachers also use a range of innovative technologies to bring your online A Level learning to life. If you need help, they’ll always be on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. When your teachers are doing all they can to help you succeed, you’ll have a much easier time securing the grades you need for your dream university.

King’s InterHigh helped me focus on my work during the pandemic because my schooling was largely uninterrupted. They have been experts in online education since 2005, so I felt very supported and lucky to be studying there.
— Leana Janiszewsky, who achieved A* A* A in her A Levels at King’s InterHigh

High success rate

From flexibility to focus, our method of online learning is designed to help every student fulfil their potential. That said, you don’t have to take our word for it. With over 10,000 successful alumni, our results speak for themselves.

Each year, our students make us incredibly proud on results day, with 43% of our Sixth Formers’ A Levels receiving A* and A grades. Several of our subjects (including Further Maths and French) also saw an A* to C pass rate of 100% this year.

The same goes for our university admissions results. One of the best things about the King’s InterHigh community is that everyone has their own unique dream, with many enjoying success in acting, athletics, business, and beyond. Our students who aspire to the top universities, meanwhile, are just as triumphant. To date, 48% of our graduates have gone onto study at some of the best institutions in the world, including the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, and other Russell Group universities like Queen’s Belfast and York. Many former students have also progressed to highly competitive degrees such as Medicine and Aerospace Engineering.

If you want a sixth form education that revolves around you and supports your university dreams at every step, come to one of our free online open events or register your interest now.

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