April 8, 2022

Celebrating the launch of our alumni network

By King's InterHigh

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our alumni network, the first of its kind to be launched by an online school, enabling our graduates to connect with their peers, share experiences and benefit from ongoing support and advice. It aims to celebrate the successes, challenges and stories of InterHigh alumni and provide a new way to connect and network in the post-covid era. We’re so proud of all that they have achieved and want to support them in their future journeys as much as possible.

Our alumni network is virtual, immersive and helps connect graduates from across the world. We invite all alumni to share knowledge and skills within the InterHigh community, and take part in opportunities such as becoming a guest speaker, offering careers advice and contributing to the growing community. With 47 per cent of InterHigh’s students going to Russell Group Universities, and many others running successful businesses and pursuing their passions, alumni can gain a lot from engaging with each other and even working together in some instances, to boost their careers and goals.

We have over 16 years worth of experience developing ways for students to remain connected online, both during their time studying at our school, and now, beyond. As the pandemic continues to impact everyday life all over the world, we will continue to develop opportunities such as this one to build a truly international school experience across closed borders.

If you’re in InterHigh alumni, we invite you to join this fantastic community by following this link:  Join the programme to reconnect with your fellow alumni and receive news and events. The platform is set to expand radically over the coming months – become part of the community!

Hear from some of our alumni

Henry Patterson, author, business expert and TikTok rising star, said:

“InterHigh’s international nature is very inspiring and unusual – during my studies there, one of my classmates completed their geography homework from the top of a mountain in the Middle East! It’s enabled me to learn about many different walks of life which is amazing. Now I’ve graduated, I want to give back to InterHigh. I couldn’t have achieved anywhere near the amount I have without it.”

Amy Lally, InterHigh alumnus and undergraduate student, said:

My education at InterHigh made it easy for me to settle into the Open University – it’s just like a more independent, adult version of InterHigh, the perfect next step!”

Academic Kieran Bjergstorm said:

“I developed the spirit of pursuing my interests with a view to success whilst at InterHigh, and I have applied this mentality since. It has also given me an edge in terms of age, because I could skip years whilst at InterHigh. I started University at 15, had my Masters’ at 19, and my PhD at 24; it gave me a real head start.”

By King's InterHigh

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