News February 16, 2022

Vietnamese students broaden horizons with premium British international education from UK’s leading online school

By King's InterHigh

New Horizon Vietnam and King’s InterHigh have joined up to provide a premium British international education, completely online, to students across Vietnam.

There are approximately 15 million full-time students in Vietnam, a country where education is regarded by many as the single most important commodity. Backed by Inspired, the world’s leading education group, New Horizon and King’s InterHigh are providing a unique opportunity for these students to access a flexible and affordable world-class British education. Inspired is also home to over a dozen prestigious and established independent schools in the Asia Pacific region, including two premium international schools in Ho Chi Minh City: Australian International School and European International School HCMC.

From the comfort of their own computers, Vietnamese students aged 7 to 18 can connect with the international community of King’s InterHigh students while learning from subject specialist teachers in the UK. At Primary and Lower Secondary level, students will follow the broad and balanced National Curriculum for England. Online classes cover subjects such as English, Maths, Science and STEM, History, Geography, and Creative Media. Students will also have the opportunity to study a modern foreign language such as French, Spanish, or German.

Moving into Senior Secondary and Sixth Form from the age of 14, students will work towards their International GCSE (IGCSE) and A Level qualifications. Globally recognised and highly respected, these qualifications will prepare learners for entry to renowned universities anywhere in the world.

All online lessons at King’s InterHigh are taught live by dedicated and experienced teachers. The interactive and dynamic learning environment combines a range of engaging elements, from masterclasses to small group exploratory lessons, to help students of all learning styles master each topic.

King’s InterHigh also brings cutting-edge technologies into the classroom, curating and developing educational tools that motivate and excite students in the active learning process. Conducting scientific experiments in virtual reality simulation programmes and learning foreign languages using AI-based software are all part of daily school life at King’s InterHigh.

Established in 2005, King’s InterHigh has over 16 years of expertise in online learning. As the UK’s leading online school with a community of almost 4,000 students worldwide, King’s InterHigh has an excellent track record of academic performance, future success, and personal student growth. With this new educational opportunity, King’s InterHigh and New Horizon hope to empower students across Vietnam in their education.

Mrs. Giang Nguyen, King’s InterHigh Country Manager at New Horizon Vietnam, says: “We’re very excited that students in Vietnam now have access to a world-leading education with premium teaching quality and global standards. King’s InterHigh is not only an Inspired school, it is a school of opportunities that set students for great success.”

Mr. Gareth Lucas-Howells, Head of Education Partnerships at King’s InterHigh adds: “We are absolutely delighted to work with New Horizon Vietnam, specialists in international education advice and consultancy, who also share our vision of empowering young people through world-class education. We are excited about this partnership because of the passion that New Horizon has for helping each student succeed. Students in Vietnam will not only benefit from a premium British international education, they will also receive dedicated attention and support from New Horizon’s customer-oriented staff with years of experience in international education. We are thrilled that Vietnamese students will have access to the very best possible education experience.

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By King's InterHigh

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