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King’s InterHigh shortlisted for the COBIS Supporting Associate of the Year Award 2022

By King's InterHigh

More commonly known as COBIS, the Council of British International Schools is the premier association for schools teaching the British curriculum across the globe. Known for world-leading quality, COBIS represents over 400 schools and organisations worldwide, including King’s InterHigh.

We are now proud to announce that King’s InterHigh has been selected as one of the nominees for the COBIS Supporting Associate of the Year Award 2022.

The Supporting Associate of the Year Award recognises the transformational work that COBIS partner organisations are doing with member schools. Of the six entries shortlisted for the 2022 award, King’s InterHigh has received two nominations — specifically for our partnerships with Chatmore British International School in Bermuda and the British International School in Ukraine.

At Chatmore, King’s InterHigh provides full-time online schooling to students who need to balance a high-quality education with their athletic or professional aspirations. Mrs. Britanni Butterworth, the Director of Chatmore, described the partnership as “a boost to achieve the vision for Chatmore.”

Pictured: Chatmore British International School, Bermuda

At the British International School in Ukraine (BISU), meanwhile, King’s InterHigh provides A Level students with additional course options that BISU cannot offer on campus. Of the partnership, BISU Head of Sixth Form Mrs. Loretta Conway said, “Both staff and students are very happy with the quality of teaching and communication [at King’s InterHigh].

Around the world, schools are choosing King’s InterHigh as a cost-effective, creative, and cutting-edge hybrid learning solution. With our online education, international schools can broaden their learning while offering their students in-person opportunities, teaching, and training on campus.

Many schools in search of a hybrid solution fall into one of two categories:

  • Small schools that recognise a need to expand and grow use hybrid learning with King’s InterHigh to recruit and retain more students. Thanks to secondary schooling through King’s InterHigh, one primary school was able to retain their Year 6 students and recruit new learners — all while delivering in-person pastoral support, drama education, and sports opportunities.
  • Schools with recruitment challenges use our online schooling to fill gaps in their provision. For example, a highly successful school in France was able to utilise King’s InterHigh immediately when the were unable to source staff for a specialist IGCSE and A Level subject.

Our online model empowers schools to expand their education without the typical heavy financial investments or resourcing complications they’d ordinarily face. Combining our high-quality and flexible teaching with their own activities, our partner schools can enhance learning without compromising their own unique ethos and benefits.

Pictured: The British International School in Ukraine

Reflecting on being shortlisted for the COBIS Supporting Associate of the Year Award 2022, Mr. Gareth Lucas-Howells (Head of Education Partnerships at King’s InterHigh) said, “We value the partnership with schools and are grateful to the Heads, Directors and teachers of our partner schools for their outside-the-box thinking, their innovative approach to tackling a common problem within schools, and their flexibility in implementing new ways of working.

Outlining the benefits of King’s InterHigh, Mr. Lucas-Howells went on to say, “The outcomes of these partnerships are huge: schools have been able to recruit new students and retain existing students in the most cost-effective manner. We are extremely grateful to COBIS, too, for shortlisting us for the award. It means a great deal to us to be recognised and reinforced by the leading members organisation for the British international schools sector.

The nominees for the 2022 Supporting Associate of the Year Award will be judged by a panel of experts, including:

  • Margaret Garrard, Chief Operations Officer of COBIS
  • Caroline Wright, Director General of the British Educational Suppliers Association
  • David Woodgate, Chief Executive or the Independent Schools Bursars Association

The winner will be announced at the COBIS Annual Conference in May 2022.

To learn more about online schooling for your students with King’s InterHigh, visit our Partnerships hub.

By King's InterHigh

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