The same school you know and love – plus a whole lot more.

With a small change in the name comes a union of InterHigh and the King’s College schools, with their 50 years’ experience delivering educational excellence. We are expanding our global community and bringing endless learning possibilities.

We are the online school that revolves around you.

The Original Online School

Pioneers in online learning, we were the world’s first fully online school to offer a high-quality UK curriculum in real-time classrooms. InterHigh’s 15+ years of experience of delivering unparalleled virtual education has fostered a thriving community of 10,000+ successful alumni. Uniting with King’s College schools will enable us to touch broader horizons as part of the Inspired education group, with over 80 schools across 5 continents, and welcome young learners from anywhere in the world into our online school community.

So, what happens next?

We will continue our drive to use the most effective and innovative online learning and have recently extended pilots in:

    • Virtual science simulations for exam years (think science experiments like a Playstation game!)
    • Additional gamified and AI-driven learning in foreign languages
    • Richer, more varied online learning in the Primary years

We are further enhancing our pastoral care and co-curricular activities, with a wider range of clubs, camps, exchanges and on-campus opportunities.

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The world changed and, we were ready!

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the idea of education dramatically. It introduced us to the power of online learning and the opportunities it brings forth. At our uniquely accessible online school, we have not just embraced this change but are also passionately working towards elevating the perceptions around online learning, demystifying “remote” or “distance” learning and continuously increasing the quality of the outcomes we deliver.

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