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Are you paying too much for international secondary schooling in Spain?

Over the last 12 years King’s InterHigh School has been the school of choice for many families residing in Spain, and that continues today. A number of King’s InterHigh teachers are also based in Spain. Here are some of the reasons parents in Spain choose us.

"The children adapted to the virtual classroom very quickly, what’s more, all their results have got better. Learning this way seems to really make them focus and absorb more. It’s practically one-to-one education. Parents also benefit because they can log on every night and monitor their children’s progress daily, rather than wait for a parents’ evening or the end of term. Only a web-based education system can offer this." – Teacher from International School.

Our revolutionary teaching model allows pupils to make excellent progress in rapid time – freeing them up to pursue other interests with greater energy and enthusiasm.

King’s InterHigh offers the perfect foundation for future studies in Spain and Portugal or further afield in the UK. We can also offer help to improve your English.

An added advantage is that children can continue with their studies during any absences from school, providing they have access to the internet. Pupils will be able to sit their GCSEs and, later, A-levels at nominated examination centres in Spain.

Are you looking to move to Spain and considering your child’s education?

King’s InterHigh School is an online secondary school providing a full British curriculum offering a wide range of subjects from year 7 up to IGCSE, AS and A Levels. King’s InterHigh allows you to access a full British Curriculum wherever in Spain you are located. Saving you the time, travel and expense of having to attend a local (or not so local) International school.

Our professionally qualified teaching staff guide our pupils within a small class setting. Your son or daughter will receive a classroom timetable covering the entire curriculum, complemented by regular homework assignments, textbook and online research and 24 hour access to our online lesson library that stores the entire taught curriculum and teacher recordings.

Together with our pastoral support team we will work to ensure that our students fully engage within the school and benefit from an immersive British school experience.

When it comes to formal examinations, we will make arrangements for to sit examinations in an examination centre.

Online Secondary School

Key Stage 3

We teach the National Curriculum for England. The programme for each subject is both engaging and promotes independent learning and further enquiry. We offer a broad core of 8 subjects online, plus additional complementary subjects where desired.


Key Stage 4

We teach the National Curriculum for England. The programme for each subject is both engaging and promotes independent learning and further enquiry. We offer a core of 8 International GCSE examination courses online, which are followed by thousands of schools in the UK and Internationally.

Key Stage 5

Sixth form college - A / AS Levels

Our flexible approach enables students to choose almost any combination of subjects. AS and A level courses are delivered in real-time online classrooms, where students can engage with the teacher and collaborate with fellow students. A wide range of subjects are available.

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