If you are searching for a high-quality British education in Qatar for your child, King's InterHigh is the leading online provider of the UK curriculum.

King’s InterHigh specialise in online learning, delivering exceptional British education with a variety of subjects, ranging from Key Stage 2 through to A Levels. Our teachers are highly qualified, each with additional qualifications in online teaching.

As the Qatar Ministry of Education is currently reviewing its online providers for quality of provision, you can rest assured King’s InterHigh will provide a first-class British education for its learners. We currently deliver UK leading online schooling to approximately 1,500 pupils, with more than a quarter of whom already study abroad in countries such as Qatar.

Assistance for parents or guardians

For those who are currently home educating their child, King's InterHigh provides additional learning support that can ease any unnecessary pressure as the child progresses towards higher education. Particularly useful for parents or guardians who have taught their child up until GCSE or A Level, King's InterHigh are able to provide you with extra provision whilst keeping you involved.

Our state-of-the-art online platform and engaging learning resources ensure parents are consistently involved with their child’s education. Each parent or caregiver is given their own access to the school portal, frequently providing information about a child’s learning progress, any feedback and recent assignments.

Quality British education abroad

There can be obstacles to studying a British curriculum in Qatar, such as International schools being a significant distance to travel. However, online learning delivered by professional, fully qualified teachers saves a family time, travel and the expense of a long commute. Other potential difficulties faced with international schooling might be that a parent isn’t satisfied by the teaching methods, the quality of British education abroad or their child cannot get into a British curriculum school in Qatar.

King’s InterHigh are a diverse, global community of students. We welcome pupils from all areas of the globe, enabling our learners to study the British homeschooling curriculum anywhere, any time. For families living or working abroad in Qatar, or international students searching for a high-quality UK education, homeschooling online with King’s InterHigh is the perfect solution.

Qualified, experienced teachers

The teachers at King's InterHigh are fully qualified, professional teachers with additional online accreditation. Our teachers are experienced in teaching the British curriculum both in mainstream schooling and homeschooling online.

A common problem faced by teachers in mainstream schooling is the unpredictable nature of the classroom causing disruption to lesson time. However, with King’s InterHigh, teachers are able to give learners the attention they need. Pupils can converse with their teacher either publicly or privately, which is particularly useful if a child avoids asking questions in the classroom because of the fear of embarrassment or asking the wrong thing. There are no questions left unanswered with King’s InterHigh; teachers are able to deliver the British homeschooling curriculum with clarity, giving a traditional lesson enriched with engaging resources.

Live classroom and lesson library

The revolutionary teaching methods at King’s InterHigh allows pupils to rapidly progress with their education, whilst the flexible timetable enables them to pursue other interests outside of school.

We offer a completely interactive Primary School, Secondary School and Sixth Form College to our pupils, with a 24/7 lesson library, enabling learners to catch up on any missed lessons. Our British curriculum is delivered in real-time by our online teachers, accessible from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

Socialising and pupil interaction

Once timetabled lessons are over for the day, King’s InterHigh learners are able to enjoy a wide variety of interactive clubs and societies or catch up with friends in the online common room. King’s InterHigh also hold events throughout the year, including sports days and other social activities.

What lessons are available?

At King’s InterHigh, our classes cover the entire British curriculum and our learners have access to all lesson recordings 24/7 so it’s easy to catch up following time off or to revise prior to exams.