Online IGCSE and A level British School in Doha

Considering which British school in Doha to send your child to can be a difficult decision, especially if you’re new to Qatar. King’s InterHigh could be the solution you’re looking for. An online secondary school, King’s InterHigh teaches pupils the full British curriculum through to IGCSEs, AS and A-Levels. There are currently around 1,000 students enrolled at King’s InterHigh, with a significant proportion of pupils studying abroad in countries including Qatar.

The best British school in Doha is online

You may be searching for IGCSE schools in Doha if your child is in key stage 4. King’s InterHigh could be the best British school in Doha for families who have moved to Qatar for work and for international students who want a British curriculum based education. British schools in Doha may not be nearby and studying with us online saves you time and travel expenses.

How King's InterHigh works?

Our experienced professional teachers conduct real-time, interactive, timetabled lessons online. You can be a pupil at King’s InterHigh anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection. Pupils are encouraged to interact in lessons and staff are on hand to answer any questions they may have.

Why King's InterHigh is one of the top British schools in Doha

King’s InterHigh’s online status gives it an advantage over more conventional English school in Doha. Our staff can concentrate on teaching lessons without having to divert their attention away to deal with any disruption or behavioural issues which sometimes happen in a more conventional classroom setting. Another advantage of being online is that pupils can access all our lesson recordings 24/7 providing them with a great resource to prepare for lessons or exams.

Pupils can progress rapidly thanks to our revolutionary teaching model, giving them more energy to pursue other interests. Outside of the classroom, every pupil has their own control panel where they can access all the features you’d expect at a physical British School in Doha, including a library, common room, clubs and societies etc. Staff are also available to parents and guardians so you can track your child’s progress.

Online Secondary School

Key Stage 3 education

We teach the National Curriculum for England. The programme for each subject is both engaging and promotes independent learning and further enquiry. We offer a broad core of 8 subjects online, plus additional complementary subjects where desired.


IGCSE subjects at King's InterHigh

We offer the same subjects at King’s InterHigh that are taught in the other IGCSE schools in Doha. We teach the National Curriculum for England. The programme for each subject is both engaging and promotes independent learning and further enquiry. We offer a core of 8 International GCSE examination courses online, which are followed by thousands of schools in the UK and Internationally.

Sixth form college - A / AS Levels

King's InterHigh’s AS and A level subjects

Aside from being an online IGCSE school in Doha, we also offer students the chance to choose from 18 AS and A Level subjects. Our flexible approach enables students to choose almost any combination of subjects. AS and A level courses are delivered in real-time online classrooms, where students can engage with the teacher and collaborate with fellow students. A wide range of subjects are available.

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