News January 10, 2022

Chatmore British International School and King’s InterHigh join to deliver a blended, authentic British education

By King's InterHigh

In partnership with Kings InterHigh, Chatmore British International School in Bermuda will be launching its first online schooling provision in September 2022. Chatmore’s online school will offer a timetable spanning the full academic year, a wide range of subjects with live interactive classes, 24/7 access to lessons, and an individualised British international curriculum.

For students preparing for athletic or professional programmes overseas and families in search of consistent learning around the world, this new online offering will enable suited students to maximise their individual talents in a truly supportive, child-centric educational environment online.

Chatmore’s partnership with King’s InterHigh will bring learners all the benefits of an in-person school community. Students will have the opportunity to participate in clubs, extra-curricular activities, wellbeing care, and careers guidance, both online and at the school’s Smith’s Parish campus. As part of the partnership, King’s InterHigh will also offer students a choice of summer camps and on-campus exchanges at over 80 premium Inspired schools across five continents.

As Chatmore joins forces with King’s InterHigh, the Bermuda school will maintain its course as a small Family First School™ by supporting students in a way that suits them and continuing to serve as an adaptable, dynamic learning option.

Established in 2004 as a pre-school and child study center, Chatmore British International School has grown significantly from its origins to become the first and only COBIS-accredited school in Bermuda. Situated on a wonderfully verdant four-acre site in Smith’s Parish (close to Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda), the school is home to a tennis court, working gardens, and robust green spaces wholly conducive to children’s play and healthy physical development. Chatmore currently offers in-person learning to students 3 to 18 years old.

Mrs. Britanni Butterworth, the Director of Chatmore British International School, said: “Having been involved in the growth of Chatmore over the past 10 years, as the new Director, I knew we needed a boost to achieve the vision for Chatmore. The pandemic has created the opportunity. With over 16 years of experience as the UK’s original online school with proven outcomes, King’s InterHigh philosophy and academic course offering is particularly well-suited to our Chatmore values, ethos and vision.”

Mr. Gareth Lucas-Howells, Head of Education Partnerships at King’s InterHigh, commented: ‘We are delighted to welcome Chatmore British International School as a partner and excited to be able to work alongside passionate and pioneering colleagues at the school to offer a full on-campus and off-campus British international curriculum for pupils aged 7-18 years.”

By King's InterHigh

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