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Key stage 3 (years 7 to 9) is an important time when students explore content and apply concepts as they begin to discover which subjects they have a passion for before making their International GCSE choices at the end of Year 9. Students can study as many or as few of the subjects from the core list during this Stage. You can expect quizzes and games, interactive classes where students role play or share their latest projects or inventions. Balanced with lessons developed around 21st Century skills (empathy, digital literacy, resilience), King’s InterHigh will set your young learner up for lifelong learning and a solid foundation for the future. Families can also benefit from joining the school on a rolling (half term) basis before deciding if they will continue with online studies.

Learning crafted by specialist teachers and experts in virtual environments

Lessons are designed and optimised for online and taught by fully qualified and experienced UK teachers. Combined with a proven educational model and innovative delivery, King’s InterHigh deploys eye-opening technology that brings life to lessons and increases students’ involvement in learning new concepts.

Three simple steps to selecting your educational package

A comprehensive range of subjects to choose from.



Core Subjects

Students in Key Stage 3 study English, Maths and Science as Core Subjects.



Additional Core Subjects

As well as the core subjects, Key Stage 3 pupils can also take an additional 5 subjects to complete their package. Any further subjects can be taken for an extra fee per subject, per year.

Core subjects

Key Stage 3 pupils can enrol onto as many or as few of the 8 core subjects as they like. The fee remains the same. Below are the subjects pupils can study, as part of the core package.

Additional core subjects

Below are the additional core subjects pupils can add alongside the core subjects. Pupils can add up to 5 additional subjects to the core package. Further subjects are charged at an extra cost per year.

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