Students from 7 years of age can benefit from the personal, immersive and engaging experience of virtual learning

King’s InterHigh Juniors is designed with the young student in mind. Based on the English National Curriculum, we offer the same quality, flexibility and accessibility as our secondary school, but tailored to suit the needs of our younger students. Your child’s teacher will be a subject specialist with expert knowledge and training to deliver engaging content online. You can expect quizzes and games, interactive exercises balanced with lessons developed around 21st Century skills (empathy, digital literacy, resilience) that will set your child up with a love of learning and a solid foundation for the future.

Quality Primary Education

Class sizes are small, a maximum of 20 pupils in any class. This ensures that each pupil receives the vital teacher attention and promotes personalised learning where every child can learn and achieve at their own pace. Lessons are every week day morning of term time and every lesson is recorded. This means pupils, and parents, can revisit the lesson at any time, ensuring that no topic or subject is left without being fully understood.

Providing quality online British education at an affordable cost

Save time, money and effort while studying at King’s InterHigh. Your child can focus on learning, exploring and spending time doing the things they love. The expense and disruption of getting to and from school is a thing of the past for King’s InterHigh families. We offer several options to suit your child’s learning needs and your preferences as a parent. King’s InterHigh Juniors classes include English, Maths and Science, Humanities, One Language, STEM and Creative Media. King’s InterHigh Junior students also have weekly Tutorials and their own weekly Common Room with projects, activities and guest speakers. Students form part of house groups for competitions, team building and in person community events and have opportunities for personalised sessions with tutors to ensure appropriate support, guidance and wellbeing.

A school with a vision

At King’s InterHigh, we engage students to reach for a success level they have never imagined. We deliver high quality virtual educational experiences to all our students, fostering a sense of belonging and respect for one another as well as providing the skills to solve real world problems through a love of lifelong learning.

Subjects that we teach

King’s InterHigh Key Stage 2 students will study a core package of 7 subjects, including a language out of a choice of Arabic or French. Students participate in weekly Tutorials and their own weekly Common Room with projects, activities and guest speakers.

Core language option

Pupils can choose one language to study from the subjects below as part of the Core Package. Pupils can select extra languages for an additional fee, per language, per year.

Additional subjects

Below are additional subjects pupils can add alongside the core subjects. Additional subjects are charged at an extra cost per year.

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