What does this mean?


Spread the cost of an annual contract with monthly installments.


7 subject package for students aged 7-11, in year 3-6 (Key Stage 2).




/ per year

Lower Secondary

8 subject package for students aged 11-14, in year 7-9 (Key Stage 3).




/ per year


8 subject package for students aged 14-16, in year 10-11 (Key Stage 4).




/ per year

A Level

3 subject package for students aged 16-18, in year 12-13 (Key Stage 5).




/ per year

IB Diploma

For students aged 16-18, in year 12 (Key Stage 5).




/ per year

Middle East frequently asked questions

What entry qualifications will I need?

We suggest all pupils achieve five GCSEs (GCSE, IGCSE or an international equivalent) grade 5 or above including both GCSE English and maths. In addition, students need to have attained a minimum grade 6 at GCSE in the subjects chosen. If a new subject not studied at GCSE then a minimum grade 6 in a similar subject as below:

  • Computer Science – maths grade 6.
  • Psychology – maths grade 6.

What are the options to pay?

We accept monthly payments via direct debit or a payment for the full year upfront. A deposit of £1000 is required if paying monthly and this is returned at the end of the school year. If the student wishes to continue in to the next school year, the deposit is carried over until the student leaves. For more information, please click here.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

We offer a sibling discount per additional student enrolled. The discounted amount is calculated depending on the time of the school year the additional sibling(s) join. This will be deducted from the total annual fees.

What is the difference between a GCSE and an IGCSE?

At King’s InterHigh we offer international GCSEs. The course content can differ to GCSEs typically found in the UK. It is advisable to check prior to joining, for further information contact [email protected]. International GCSEs are fully exam based, so course work is not required.

Why do you have a Middle East focused offering?

A significant percentage of our students are from the Middle East region. To benefit these students, we offer a Middle East timetable operating at the local GST timezone. This means students attend King’s InterHigh during normal school hours without starting late in the morning or running late in to the evening.

I live outside the Middle East, can I still join?

Yes, although we call it our Middle East offering, we are aware students that live further afield (such as Indonesia, Australia etc.) will also benefit from the timings of the timetable compared to our normal UK live lesson times.

Do you follow a Middle East calendar?

Yes, our calendar and term dates can be found here.

Can the qualifications gained at King's InterHigh be used towards university?

Yes, we offer international GCSEs and A-Levels, which are accepted by universities around the world. We always advise checking with the university beforehand, for peace of mind.

Where do students sit exams?

There are many exam centres in the Middle East. The majority of King’s InterHigh families enter as private candidates with the British Council, but there are also a number of international schools where students can register to take their exams.

How do we contact you directly for answers about exams?

Please email [email protected].

How can I find my nearest exam centre in the Middle East?

If you are searching for an Edexcel centre in the Middle East, please use this link for Edexcel exams

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