The advantages of studying at our online sixth form college

Our sixth form prepares young people for the jobs and workplaces of the future providing them with an edge over traditional mainstream schooling. King’s InterHigh offers easy access to quality live and recorded Sixth Form lessons from anywhere in the world so students can study when and how they want. Last year, of the King’s InterHigh graduates who applied to university, 47% went to Russell Group Universities with 10% studying Medicine or Aerospace Engineering.

Smaller classes, less distraction and more free time

Through a proven combination of Learn “Master Class” Sessions followed by smaller tutorials and seminars, King's InterHigh’s online A Level class sizes are designed with Sixth Form student in mind. The class sizes ensure the subject matter experts deliver engaging and relevant content as well as provide flexibility for personalised learning. Due to our virtual learning environment, teachers can engage students’ interest for the entire lesson length without the usual distractions sometimes encountered at mainstream schools and colleges. We also find that no time is wasted on behavioural issues at King's InterHigh Sixth Form College, which is crucial in year 12 and 13.

Typically, students studying three online A Levels are only committed to 10 hours of live timetabled classes each week. This gives students flexibility to plan other activities, self-study and fit jobs in around their timetable.

A wealth of online resources and a chance to make new friends

At King's InterHigh, all our interactive lessons are recorded and archived. This archive is accessible 24/7. As well as being a great resource for revision, project work and preparation for lessons and exams, it also means that if you’re unable to decipher your notes, you can simply go back through a recorded lesson for clarity.

As well as our online school library, we also offer extracurricular activities and clubs that students can join. Students form part of house groups for competitions, team building and in person community events and have opportunities for personalised sessions with tutors to ensure appropriate support, guidance and wellbeing.

University applications and careers advice

The university application process can be daunting for students. Every year, King’s InterHigh students are helped by our dedicated team in applying for university places. Our staff help students write their personal statements and everything else they need to submit a strong university (UCAS, Oxbridgex, etc) application. We find that universities like our students because they can provide evidence of ‘self-directed study’. The team is also on hand to help you with your career choices and look at various career paths you could take.

We regularly host career talks where students have the opportunity to learn from experts in different fields. Our speakers share what inspires them, how they found their passion, and the realities of their profession. Students are encouraged to dialogue with our speakers and find out the “why” behind a variety of careers.

Setting students up to succeed

We want to give our students the best chance to succeed in their A Levels so at various points of the year, we hold intensive revision weekends in various subjects, including support courses for help with university applications. We know how stressful the application process can be, that’s why at King’s InterHigh we have dedicated members of staff available during the school week to answer any questions a student may have in relation to their university application.

A wide choice of online A level subjects

We are an online sixth form college without walls, it means that students can learn wherever there is an internet connection. We therefore find King’s InterHigh is popular with actors, sporting prodigies and travelling students. Also, if the school or college you attend only offers some of the subjects you want to study at A Level, then King’s InterHigh’s sixth form college could offer you the perfect solution. You can combine studying one or more subjects at King’s InterHigh alongside your existing studies.

Year 12 Options

Our provision is flexible and allows you to learn through both recorded and live lessons. To ensure your lessons are live for year 12, please pick only one subject from each column when registering. This will ensure there are no live lesson clashes.

Option A
Computer Science
Option B
Option C
Option D
English Literature
Option E