A British education, delivered online in China

King’s InterHigh, the UK’s leading online school, have joined forces with Win Win Win Academy to bring their live, online teaching to students in China. Previous King’s InterHigh students have seen incredible academic success, achieving internationally respected qualifications from examination boards such as Cambridge Internationals and Edexcel. This has enabled students from across China to apply for universities around the globe, including the UK.

Which courses do Win Win Win Academy offer?

For Chinese students, Win Win Win Academy, in partnership with King’s InterHigh, are able to provide you with international GCSE (iGCSE) and A-level courses, in a huge range of subjects. Delivered in real-time online, these courses are taught by qualified and passionate subject teachers. Each class has a maximum capacity of 18 students, who will be joining from around the world. Students are set regular homework assignments, given appropriate assessments, and are fully prepared for their exams.

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