August 17, 2021

InterHigh’s Commitment to Supporting Homeschooling and the Community

InterHigh is a leading online school and sixth form college offering online home education support for parents and guardians who have decided to educate their children from home.

From August 2021, its policy on notifying local authorities has changed. It will now be the choice of parents or guardians to communicate and keep local authorities informed as and when students join or leave InterHigh. This decision has been made to better accommodate families’ preferences, while continuing to endorse best practice guidelines. If a parent or guardian would like InterHigh to notify local authorities, they should submit such a request in writing.

InterHigh provides pupils with the opportunity to study the British curriculum, in full or in part, from home, anywhere in the world with internet connection. Live lessons are delivered by experienced and qualified teachers and parents can track their child’s progress via the online school hub. The school has helped many parents and their children who have opted for home education.

Book a spot on our next open day!

InterHigh School regularly hosts open evenings for prospective parents and pupils to meet other parents and InterHigh pupils themselves.

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