September 27, 2017

Student Success Story

By King's InterHigh

Alec Christie from North Yorkshire joined InterHigh in 2011.

He joined InterHigh because he had been having a hard time at high school with bullying and fitting into secondary school. His family had tried to emigrate to New Zealand but it did not work out and they returned to the UK after less than a year. Fitting back into life in the UK, another new school and adapting to a secondary school for the first time was too much for Alec. He came across InterHigh and threw himself into the new system and pushing himself to excel in education. Away from bullying he flourished at InterHigh and got 9A*s in his IGCSEs “through hard work, fantastic teaching and this unique style of education.”

After leaving InterHigh he went to a local sixth form to do his A levels. “Funnily enough many doubted my background and my ability to do well, but that only made me work harder to prove them wrong. I got 4 A*s and went on to study for a degree in Marine Biology at the University of St Andrews. During my time there I studied in Australia at James Cook University, went on a field trip to Antarctica and made great friends. I have just graduated with a 1st and have secured a funded PhD in Zoology at the University of Cambridge, starting in September this year. I am extremely excited to start this new chapter in my life. I am very grateful to all the teachers and staff that helped me during my time at InterHigh and pushed me forward to achieve what I have so far.

By King's InterHigh

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