Article August 27, 2020

King’s InterHigh Sixth Former to join Cambridge Consultants

By King's InterHigh

InterHigh pupil, Walid Sabihi, is a very impressive young man. He joined InterHigh as a sixth form student in 2018 and achieved 3 A*s in his A levels for Maths, Further Maths and Physics as well as an A in Chemistry. Walid is taking a gap year before applying to study Computer Science in 2021.

This September, he will begin a post with Cambridge Consultants as a Technology Scholar. This very prestigious opportunity for the most exceptional UK A-level students, will see him spend a year with them before beginning his study. Walid will move to Cambridge and work as a software engineer, delivering real projects for real clients.

During his studies, he’ll receive a generous bursary, plus guaranteed paid work every summer. A modest Walid said that competition was tough, but he did ‘quite well’ at his interview for the opportunity.

Although 2020 has been an ‘unprecedented’ year for students who didn’t get to take exams, Walid’s teachers have all commended him as an exceptional student.

So, does he have any tips for other students beginning their A level studies this year?

It’s important to work steadily and consistently through the year and avoid missing deadlines. I made a real effort to participate in class.

He laughs: “If you listen to recordings, I’m the one who seemed to talk the most, always asking questions, but it helped me to learn more and I think that engagement in lessons is the key to success.

Walid is very ambitious and hopes to complete further research when he finishes his degree in Computer Science.

[After I finish my degree], I might apply to do some post-graduate research. I am always working on projects of my own and one day one of those might take off.

He lives and breathes Computer Science, but downtime is important to him too.

play the guitar,he says.

It helps to switch off every now and again.”

Everyone at InterHigh wishes Walid the best of luck with his future studies and career. We are proud to have supported him this far and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

By King's InterHigh

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