July 17, 2022

Meet our ambassador, Lily Wilde, who’s taking the acting industry by storm

Despite the many impacts of the pandemic, our King’s InterHigh student Lily Wilde has seen her career go from strength to strength. Today, she is taking on exciting new acting projects, the magnitude of which she has never embarked upon before.

Lily (who lives in London with her stepdad, mother Claire, and parrot Rio) will take her IGCSEs in September and looks forward to studying Business, Psychology, Biology, Geography, and Drama in particular. Here, Lily talks to us with her mother about her acting and modelling journey, why she decided to join King’s InterHigh as a student, and what being our latest ambassador means to her.

Lily, what made you consider online schooling?
Lily: I take my drama classes very seriously, and I’ve found wellbeing support isn’t as prevalent in physical classes like this. However, I’ve found it to be completely different at King’s InterHigh! My teachers constantly make me feel like nothing is a problem and they’re always thinking of me. Also, my teachers allow me to take time off if I ever need it for auditions or other factors, which makes me feel reassured and puts my mind at ease. We also have constant contact which reduces any anxiety.
Claire, what made you consider online school for Lily?
Claire: Lily previously went to a boarding school, but found the culture anxiety-inducing as she didn’t feel supported enough. Boarding school can be amazing for some people, but sadly it just didn’t work for us.

I’m a science teacher myself, with a background in biology, as well as being a trained cognitive behavioural therapist. Some of my students have suffered from anxiety in the past too, so I was already aware of King’s InterHigh. Based on Lily’s experience and what we felt she needed by way of a supportive environment, I thought it would be a great option, because it would give her both the education and emotional care.

Has online education had a positive impact on Lily?
Lily: Absolutely! It has made me more confident, as I have control over my time. I can continue my studies while on holiday, and fit classes around my busy schedule, all while excelling in lessons, which is amazing. This flexibility has helped me feel in control of my learning and my life, which has completely changed my education experience for the better.

I feel so confident now that I’m doing things I have never done before! For example, this year I went skiing for the first time. Despite spending time on the slopes, I was still able to learn and keep on top of my homework and lessons, which was brilliant!

Claire: It has been wonderful to see Lily thrive with King’s InterHigh. The teachers completely understand if she ever needs time off, which gives Lily more freedom and independence. I feel less involved with her education now than ever because I know she can handle it with ease!
Claire, how has Lily joining King’s InterHigh impacted you as her mother? Has it impacted your family dynamic? Have you been less stressed now she’s learning online?
Claire: When we first joined King’s InterHigh, some family members were worried, as they wondered if it was the right decision. However, these concerns soon melted away when we started to see the positive impact of online education!

Lily is so happy, and we have no more disagreements about school. We’re much stronger as a consequence and our whole family is now onboard with this way of learning.
Lily, how does it feel to be King’s InterHigh’s latest ambassador?
Lily: I feel honoured! I have always been interested in King’s InterHigh partly because it is home to such amazing ambassadors and acting stars, so it feels surreal to be an ambassador myself.
Do you find it challenging to juggle your acting career now you’re studying online? Do you have any tips for other students in a similar position?
Lily: It can be challenging at times to get the balance right, and I inevitably sometimes feel anxious about missing something or dropping the ball, but having the flexibility to revisit lesson content and ‘catch up’ in my own time helps. It is all so worth it though, as I get so much out of my acting and my studies.

My top tip to other students in a similar position would be to never doubt yourself; the more you believe in yourself, the further you’ll go!

Time management is also so important. I recommend all students communicate with staff and teachers if they need to miss a day of school and when this happens, ensure time is set aside to watch the lesson recording of classes missed. This will help you get up to speed quickly and easily.

Finally, remember tutors and staff at King’s InterHigh will always help you – they’re just an email away!
What support has there been from an emotional welfare perspective as well as ensuring students still have opportunities to socialise?
Lily: King’s InterHigh provides lots of opportunities for socialising. For example, I recently joined a school trip to Condover with 100 other students, which was so much fun! All the students attending were really diverse, from many year groups and locations across the world. This trip helped us all connect outside of the educational space. We also had so many group activities to try, such as archery, abseiling and we even went on an aerial trek! I was awarded the second fastest person on this trek!

King’s InterHigh staff also work hard to ensure we can socialise in school too. For example, we can connect with one another in breakout rooms, as well as Yama, a school-based social media platform that is monitored by teachers. This helps us all feel connected and part of the school community.

Claire: Lily has more valuable friendships now than she ever had in her previous school. There’s no bullying and it’s amazing knowing how supported she feels. She connects with her fellow students because they’re all pursuing their wider passions just like she is, which is fantastic.

In terms of emotional welfare, King’s InterHigh is like one big family - It’s so lovely to be part of. Lily has the most friendly and lovely teachers who make her feel safe and comfortable enough to thrive, academically.
What projects are you currently working on?
Lily: I’m in the final stages of auditioning for a film for which it’s all very secretive right now - including who the other actors will be, so I can’t wait to find out more!

Claire: It’s really exciting. If Lily is successful, the movie will be filmed in the winter from November this year. Lily was also working on another project with CBBC, but sadly it was cancelled due to the pandemic.

However, we have other projects on the go! Lily will be joining Sylvia Young Theatre School for its summer school this year, and from September as a part time student - she can’t wait to start!
How has the pandemic impacted your career so far? Has King’s InterHigh helped you deal with these challenges at all?
Claire: Unusually, the pandemic both halted and accelerated Lily’s career! Although many projects were cancelled, such as with CBBC, Lily also landed a role in a production of Romeo and Juliette, which was filmed entirely online! It was here she was spotted for her upcoming film role, which we are so excited about.

King’s InterHigh has really helped Lily cope with the changes the pandemic thrust upon us all, as her education hasn’t been impacted due to the online nature Kings InterHigh. Lily stayed right on track and experienced no disruption to her routine, which was brilliant and very grounding.
What are your ambitions for the future?
Lily: Career-wise, I would like to build my credibility so I can fulfil my dreams! To achieve this, I need to work on my confidence so I stop doubting myself – King’s InterHigh is helping me do this.

I feel so rewarded and fulfilled when my acting resonates with others. I want to focus on this. Ideally, I would love to feature in a horror or action movie! I write horror movies because I love thrilling and surprising audiences.

I also want to use my platform correctly, by inspiring people to overcome anxiety and follow their passions.

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