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Martina Cintolesi Vida | Celebrating Our 2024 IB Results

By King's InterHigh

Congratulations to Martina Cintolesi Vida, one of the students from our world-first online IB Diploma Programme cohort, on successfully completing her IB exams! We talked to Martina about what she enjoyed most about studying the IB online, her future plans, and more.

My time at King’s InterHigh

 Tell us a little bit about yourself  where you come from, your academic interests, and hobbies!

Martina: Hi, my name is Martina, and I’m 18. I took my IB exams this past May in Barcelona (Spain), where I currently live and where I’ve studied my DP programme via King’s InterHigh.

I have lived in France, Spain and Switzerland and speak 4 languages fluently, hoping to learn Italian and German soon. Academically, I love languages and literature and enjoy studying classics like Emily Dickinson’s poems, Virginia Woolf's essays and the Brontë sisters' novels.

Outside of school, I am a dancer, and have been dancing for 15 years now. I go to dance every day after school to disconnect and take a break from being at home all day. Dancing is my time to socialize face to face and I enjoy it very much.

 Why did you join King’s InterHigh?

Martina: I joined King’s InterHigh in 2022 to do my DP. I have always had a hard time in regular percentile school, as my learning methods were different from what I was being asked of in school.

Additionally, since the pandemic I started having a hard time going to school and being in public spaces and social situations.

King’s InterHigh allowed me to continue my studies and gave me the independence to structure my learning in a way that worked for me.

 How has your experience been?

Martina: My experience at King’s InterHigh has been great so far. I have met so many new people from all around the world that has allowed me to gain many new perspectives and has opened my mind in a new way. Additionally, the staff is very supportive throughout the year and helps with whatever you need.

School and exams

 What is your favourite subject?

Martina: This is a hard question; however, I would have to say English literature and French. I love languages, exploring new cultures and analyzing classic texts.

 What exams did you sit?

Martina: In May 2024 I sat English, French and History as HL subjects and Math, Biology and Spanish Literature (Self-Taught) as SL subjects.

 How did you prepare for your exams with King's InterHigh?

Martina: During the pre-exam period I had a lot of support from my teacher. They would provide many helpful resources to study and make the process a little less tedious.

Additionally, they were available to answer questions and help during the day, even when we were on study-leave and were not attending classes anymore. This was a huge help and I felt very supported.

Being an online student can be a little isolating sometimes, however I also had the support of my family and friends that were there when I needed a break from studying.

 Who was your most memorable teacher from the programme?

Martina: I think many of my teachers helped me. Mainly Mrs. Kirby reminding us to drink water, and Mrs. Hurst always telling us we are amazing and that we would ace our exams. Overall, my teachers helped me be less nervous and feel extremely prepared for May.

 What revision techniques or strategies helped you the most through your exams?

Isabelle: My main coping mechanism was taking regular breaks and getting out of the house at least once during the day. I went to dance every day for at least 1h. This helped me tremendously to stay concentrated during my study sessions and not be burned out by the time exams came around.

Looking ahead

 Do you have any advice for students taking the IB next year?

Martina: Take breaks! That's so important. If you don’t take breaks you will be burned out by the time exams come around and you will not perform as well as you can. Get out of the house, go for a walk, even if it’s just for 5 minutes, it will make all the difference.

 What are your future plans?

Martina: In September I will be attending the UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) to study English and French language and literature studies.

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