April 3, 2020

How InterHigh learners are adjusting to learning in lockdown

By King's InterHigh

The current outbreak of COVID-19 has led to widespread lockdown throughout the UK and all over the world. In what can be a scary time for young learners, we reached out to our InterHigh students to find out how they’re doing!

Imogen Montgomery, based in the UK

Year 9 student, Imogen, suffers with the autoimmune condition, Type One Diabetes. This means that Imogen’s immune system might not be as strong as someone else’s, and she has to take extra care over her health. So, Imogen’s Mum made the decision to isolate the family in order to keep them all safe.

When Imogen was enrolled with a mainstream school, she didn’t feel particularly supported or looked after. Although, since registering with InterHigh, she has regained her confidence and has felt fully supported, allowing her to excel in her education.

“I have been with InterHigh for a whole year now, and it has changed my life and improved my learning skills. Even during this tricky time, InterHigh still provide a full variety of lessons, and the homework tasks/projects set by the teachers keep me well and truly busy!

“InterHigh is also extremely flexible and I can take my laptop into the garden. Some days I have eight lessons and other days I have four, but in the extra time I have between lessons I like to revise and catch up.

“Although the lessons can be challenging and the work can be hard, all of my teachers understand and talk me through the work step-by-step.

“InterHigh has helped me feel relaxed and less worried during this eventful time.”

Sam Tabotta, based in Spain

As Sam lives in Spain, he and his family went into lockdown earlier than most countries. We asked him how he’s finding learning with InterHigh during isolation:

“All of my friends from other schools were panicking about how they would continue their studies without going to a physical school.

“Luckily at InterHigh, I was not only safe from possibly contracting COVID-19 but have been able to continue studying as normal, with no interruption to my education.”

Bella Ramsey, based in the UK

Young actress Bella Ramsey starred in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones as Lady Lyanna Mormont, as well as the lead character in CBBC’s Worst Witch series.

We asked Bella how she’s managing her education amidst current lockdown measures in the UK:

“It’s a blessing that I can still learn with InterHigh, even in a lockdown.

“Plus, I don’t have to be confined to an indoor classroom and can take part in my lessons outside in the sun! (Still at home though of course, complying with social distancing rules).

“Lots of things are changing at the moment, but my education isn’t, thanks to InterHigh.”

Charlotte and Joseph, based in the UK

When we asked the Parsons family how they’re managing in the current situation, Mum, Emma, told us how InterHigh has given her children structure during a worrying time:

“InterHigh has been amazing through every hurdle we are currently going through. They have given us structure and normality, and the teachers have remained informed and positive.”

For brother and sister Charlotte and Joseph, they’ve also found that InterHigh has provided them with a much-needed sense of normality.

Charlotte says: “InterHigh is extraordinary! I can balance schooling with everyday life and activities, and even in these unprecedented times, it keeps us all going. Thank you so much InterHigh!”

Her brother, Joseph, also wants to say a big thank you to InterHigh:

“I was full of anxiety about the current situation, but InterHigh and my teachers have helped me to relax and concentrate on learning.

“InterHigh is the best school ever!”

Anna Hursey, based in the UK

Young table tennis star, Anna Hursey, is usually based in Tianjin, China, where she trains with the Tianjin regional squad. However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, Anna is back to temporarily living in the UK.

“I’m glad I can continue my education through InterHigh as I really enjoy studying! I’m also really lucky that I can continue to do my table tennis training in the training unit in our garden.”

Anna’s parents, Laurence and Xiuli Zhang, also told us how InterHigh means Anna’s education hasn’t been interrupted amidst current uncertainty:

“As parents, we are really pleased Anna can continue her education using InterHigh during this difficult time. She continues to enjoy learning and is working hard! Studying takes up much of Anna’s time and keeps her focused, and she’ll be back to training in Tianjin, China, as soon as it is safe to do so.

“When we are able to go back to Tianjin, it’s good to know that for Anna, the education continues seamlessly.”

Jaycob and Abi, based in the UK

For the Harrington family, they have found InterHigh to be a great lifeline during the coronavirus outbreak, helping to maintain routine and keep Jaycob and Abi engaged in their learning. Plus, for Mum, Emily, InterHigh has enabled her to keep working:

“InterHigh has meant I am able to continue working as normal whilst my children are happy, meeting other students at InterHigh and speaking to the teachers online.

“The teachers have been lovely and extremely helpful during the chaos that is happening around us, and we are extremely grateful to be spending this time with InterHigh!”

Ioan Saunders, based in the UK

Ioan is an A Level student with InterHigh, who is currently self-isolating with his family.

“We’re all very close, but self-isolation has allowed us to spend a great deal of time together and strengthen our bond even further.”

At a scary time for many of us, Ioan has found that InterHigh have been incredibly kind and understanding, providing a low-stress lesson atmosphere whilst keeping students up to date.

“The InterHigh staff are always there to help, and the pastoral care team have been wonderful at making sure that everyone stays calm and comfortable.”

Ioan was initially disappointed that his A Level exams had been cancelled, as this had been his main goal after two years of hard work. However, he has now taken a much more positive approach!

“I’ve now learned that it’s not always about the finish line itself, but rather the journey we take to get there.

“At the end of the day, a grade is a grade, and so the work to achieve it should always be commended, regardless of how unconventionally it was acquired.”

Plus, self-isolation has meant Ioan has had more time to learn some new things!

“As a big believer in making the best out of a bad situation, I’ve used the abundance of free time to read more, relax with my family, and catch up with assignments I might have missed.

“I’ve also managed to stay in contact with my classmates through Adobe, email and Skype, so a friendly chat is never far away.”

Amelia Curran, based in the UK

Year 10 student, Amelia, has found that InterHigh has given her something to look forward to in these unprecedented times.

“I feel grateful that I can continue my education, despite the hard times that the world is facing. InterHigh is an important and valued part of my routine and I am thankful for the familiarity it is giving me.

“Learning with InterHigh is keeping my mind healthy and also providing me with a calmness that I can use to help me get through these challenging times.”

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