June 29, 2022

Secondary virtual exhibition: the King’s InterHigh Art Show 2022

From June 27th to July 3rd, we at King’s InterHigh are celebrating our 2022 Summer Arts Festival — an exciting time for families and teachers to come together and highlight the incredible skill, talent, and creativity of our students all around the world.

Part of this festival is our Art Show 2022 virtual exhibition, where we’re showcasing the amazing fine, modern, and digital art pieces our learners have created over the past year. Want to see some of the highlights? Keep scrolling!

Let’s take a look at some exemplary work our Key Stage 4 Secondary learners (aged 14 to 16) have produced on their City & Guilds assured arts courses.

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Art & Design in Action

One of the themes our students have explored in Art & Design in Action this year is ‘Futurescapes: Reimagining the urban landscape through illustration’. Researching various artists before creating their own works, learners produced a research presentation, essay, and portfolio of experiments around topic of future urban life. For their final piece of the module, our Key Stage 4 students had to put their exploration to use and create an original and unique response.

Student showcase: Esmee Lynch Morrison

(Adapted from a work by Vashti Harrison)

Esmee’s reflection: “This module I feel my knowledge and general view of art has completely changed and definitely for the better. I have furthered my knowledge on the art of inspiration as well as learning and understanding how not to take this too far, and how to borrow et not steal. Not only this but I feel that my perception of art has completely changed, and this really shows visually in my artworks. As a person of colour, I never even noticed the subliminal influence that diversity in art has on me.

I have loved being able to actually relate to artists and apply this diversity to my own art work, to make it resonate more with me. This module has opened my eyes and exposed me to a million possibilities, helping me to lay down a foundation that will change my art for ever, one that will help my art to reach and apply to people like me, people who are or feel that they are not represented, and I feel that that is such an important lesson to have learned.

Watch the full Art & Design gallery walkthrough:

Photography Perspectives

On the assured course in Photography Perspectives, students explored photomanipulation as part of the ‘Truth and Lies’ module. After researching photographers’ use of digital and hand manipulation, visual illusion, and deception, they created personal responses using a variety of editing techniques, apps, and softwares.

Student showcase: Maisie Pocock

Maisie’s reflection: “My [idea] is to show perfection and beauty expectations are placed on society. By showing these expectations  it has a huge impact on individuals and creates huge pressure on people to be perfect, but this can have devastating effects… Throughout this project I wanted to keep the truth and lies contextual links which I feel has been portrayed throughout the images I have taken. I feel there is always a truth and lie in every photograph taken but by creating this in an actual image be it though layering, editing or just the image itself has worked and can easily be seen. Self-care is so important in life.

Watch the full Photography gallery walkthrough:

More Highlights

Want to see more of the incredible pieces our Key Stage 4 students have created this year alongside their IGCSE studies? Check out our showcase from the 2022 Assured Course Graduation back in May:

Showcase: King’s InterHigh students flourish creatively on Assured arts courses

Plus, take a look at the winners of our Artist of the Year 2022 awards to find out which student won the prize for Key Stage 4 Art & Photography:

Meet the winners: the King’s InterHigh Artist of the Year Award 2022

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