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Art Inspired: Our 2024 winners

By King's InterHigh

Earlier in June 2024, we hosted Inspired’s annual ART INSPIRED virtual art exhibitions here at King’s InterHigh. Student from across our global Inspired schools participated in this exhibition by submitting their artworks, which are all displayed in our leading-edge virtual gallery space. You can see our virtual gallery here.

As part of this exciting annual event, we also hosted a competition to recognise the best artwork across the following categories:

  • Inspired – Awarded to a student who has shown outstanding arts leadership across media.
  • STE(A)M – Awarded to a student who shows ingenuity, inventiveness, and elements of STEM in their work.
  • Creativity  – Awarded for demonstration of creativity and ingenuity in their work.
  • Design & Digital Art – Awarded for demonstration of graphic design, digital media and the principles of design.
  • 3D Works  – Awarded for demonstration of creative and thought-provoking sculpture and 3D works.
  • Lens-based Media – Awarded for demonstration of photographic skills and the use of analogue or digital photography to inspire or question.
  • Painting – Awarded to the student who displays extraordinary skill using painting mediums.
  • Mixed Media – Awarded for the student who explores mixed media in a unique way

See this year’s outstanding winning artwork below:


 Kenah Seba - Reddam House Durbanville, South Africa

“Listen to yourself” 2024, Charcoal A4:

"I am a IGCSE art student, and I love working with monochromatic images and experimenting with tones. I am also very passionate about the different emotions and thoughts one's art can evoke in the viewer. Each piece makes a different person think about a different story in their life. I created this piece to represent the importance of taking a minute to listen to your own intuition and emotions just as one would listen to a song”


 Aryn Buttress - Reddam House Durbanville, South Africa

“THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE” 2022, inks, pencil and acrylic paint 40 x 50cm A2: "I am a passionate art student in AS now. These are works from my IGCSE portfolio revolving around my personal theme called "Human Connection" where I focus on the variety of connections we have (with technology / nature / each other etc0 and the impact this has on our mental health.” "Inspired by the work of Christophe Hohler and Junji Ito, I used multimedia including inks and acrylic paint to depict a disfigured head (mine), split apart by different parts of the human experience, like nature, technology and mental health.”


 Agnese De Caprio - International School of Milan, Italy

“Around the world", 2024, Photograph: This picture means that you can go everywhere without going anywhere.

Design & Digital Art

 Axel Dridi - International School of Ticino, Switzerland

“Chopstick Holder", 2024, 3D Model: "With its sleek and simple design, this model was crafted to assist beginners with using chopsticks. It includes a secure clip and comfortable grip that makes it practical to use for various food types. Lastly, its durable build ensures it will have a long life and provide reliable support to those who are learning to use chopsticks. I created my artwork on an app named TinkerCad. My piece, will help people to be more integrated in diverse cultures and be able to experience unique perspectives"

3D Works Award

 Michelle Wodrich - Reddford House Northcliff, South Africa

Shattered Avidity. 2024 Acrylic and clay on a wooden board framed 32cmx17cm: "This piece represents burnout, the not wanting to do anything, the lack of motivation, the mental exhaustion. You want to get up and do something, but you just can't get yourself to. This is represented by the woman lying down. She broke the glass with her hand, shattering the avidity (keen interest or enthusiasm and the will to go on). The butterfly is a symbol of hope, showing us that we have to push through, to keep on flying and not to give up even at our lowest."

Lens-based Media

 Otis Headon - King’s InterHigh, Inspired Online Schools

"Mechanics of Nature - time is ticking", 2023, Photography: ‘The Mechanics of Nature - Time is Ticking' was taken from a body of work produced in year 10 to convey how vulnerable nature is, and how time is ticking if we want to halt its destruction. Old clockwork mechanisms were digitally intertwined via Photoshop with natural elements to convey how phenomenally complex nature is. It's all too easy to disregard something as simple as a dandelion or a woodlouse, but in truth, they are beautiful and fragile, just like the mechanical mechanisms.


 Daniela Carulla - St Louis Archinto, Italy

“Self Portrait, Bathroom Sink", 2023, Oil on Canvas Diptych, 29.7 x 42 cm: "I find myself drawn to artwork that makes an impact on the viewer, creates a lasting effect, or prompts real change in the world, something that could be achieved through scale, vibrancy, narrative, and infinitely many other facets. While on the surface the sink appears to be a mundane, everyday object, it is one that is imbued with personal significance. It is a space where we perform our daily routines and rituals, and as such, it becomes an insightful (albeit unconventional) reflection of our inner selves”

Mixed Media

 Emma Vio - St Louis Archinto, Italy

“Monroe", 2023, Acrylic on collaged news paper 40.4x27.3cm: "My style is characterised by the layering of colour and textures through which I express movement and emotion. This is my interpretation of the theme: Windswept. I was inspired by Marylin Monroe picture walking on street vents. Therefore, I decided to attach cloth strings and newspaper paper to an old electric fan under a spotlight, observing the movement of the cloth and paper as it is turned on.”


Congratulations to all of this year’s winners! We look forward to seeing and celebrating more incredible visual artwork next year.

By King's InterHigh

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