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Anushka Sakorikar | Celebrating Our 2024 IB Results

By King's InterHigh

Congratulations to Anushka Sakorikar, one of the students from our world-first online IB Diploma Programme cohort, on her 2024 exam results: an incredible 40 points in total! Read what Anushka had to say about her time learning with us, her tips for fellow students, and where she sees herself in the future.

My time at King’s InterHigh

 Tell us a little bit about yourself  where you come from, your academic interests, and hobbies!

Anushka: Hi, I’m Anushka! I’m an Indian born in Singapore and currently living in Vietnam. I’ve also lived in Singapore and Indonesia. For this reason, I found myself naturally developing an interest in cooking and baking dishes from all around the world, as well as a love for traveling to new countries and learning their languages and cultures.

During my downtime I enjoy crocheting and playing the piano. In school, the subjects which engaged me the most were Economics and Business Management.

 Why did you join King’s InterHigh?

Anushka: Due to health reasons, I was unable to attend school in an in-person environment. However, having always been a PYP and MYP student, I wanted to continue with the IB diploma. King’s InterHigh provided me the opportunity to seamlessly pursue my studies in the IB program, while giving me the necessary support and flexibility.

 How has your experience been?

Anushka: It has been nothing short of amazing! Despite being in an online pilot IB program, I never felt I missed on-campus studies. My learning experience was socially engaging and academically interactive throughout. While I had to put in effort on my end as well, the study materials were comprehensive and my teachers were very encouraging.

I was also excited to positively connect with my peers from all parts of the globe, and join the school newspaper club where I even published some of my own articles and managed schedules for the other writers.

Furthermore, the CAS component prompted me to look beyond academics and turn my focus onto my local community and personal wellbeing. It gave me a much-needed break from the rigors of IB and the time to partake in my hobbies and sport activities.

School and exams

 What is your favourite subject?

Anushka: I would have to say my favorite subject is Economics. Though Economics is challenging, especially since I hadn’t taken it before, it enhanced my analytical abilities, forcing me to think critically, and helped me acquire a unique insight with which to view the world around us. I particularly enjoyed representing the complex interactions of societal components diagrammatically, and understanding how Economics is deeply intertwined with, and subsequently impacts individuals, societies, and countries at large.

 What exams did you sit?

Anushka: I sat exams for all of my IBDP subjects. I took English Language and Literature, Economics and Business Management on a higher level, and Math Analysis and Approaches, ESS and French AB on the standard level.

In addition to this, I was also evaluated on my Theory of Knowledge Essay and Extended Essay.

 How did you prepare for your exams with King's InterHigh?

Anushka: My teachers supported me at all levels. From essential revision materials and study tips to numerous practice exam questions, I had all the requisite resources I needed to prepare for my exams. The periodic cycle tests and mock exams also helped me identify and improve on my shortcomings.

On my end as well, I made sure to compile as many resources as possible, plan methodically and create timetables and detailed study schedules, and time myself while solving past papers.

 Who was your most memorable teacher from the programme?

Anushka: I had unique requirements in every subject. While in one class I required help in understanding a topic, in another I was more concerned with structuring my responses. I can confidently say that every one of my teachers gave me the right direction and instruction to overcome these issues and succeed in all my subjects.

 What revision techniques or strategies helped you the most through your exams?

Anushka: I blocked out ample time for rest from studying so I could refresh my mind and prepare myself for the next stretch of revision. During these rest periods, I would distract myself from exam stress and take time to relax so as to have an effective break.

I also completed as many timed past papers and exam questions as possible. Getting constructive feedback from my teachers was also crucial in my improvement and development of exam responses.

Looking ahead

 Do you have any advice for students taking the IB next year?

Anushka: Getting enough sleep is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself as a student appearing for exams. Without adequate rest, it gets hard to study, and even harder to remember what you’ve already studied.

During the exams, keep a clear head and an eye on the clock. Maintaining that focus is what will allow you to produce your best work. The other important thing is to direct your attention to upcoming papers without letting your performance in previous exams distract you.

 What are your future plans?

Anushka: I plan to pursue my higher studies in Business, Finance and Economics, in universities in Canada, Singapore or Australia.

By King's InterHigh

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