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Nurturing your child’s potential at every stage of their education

For ages 7–19, King’s InterHigh empowers students to thrive with personalised, supportive, world-class learning — fully online.

What makes us different?

Why families love our online school

King’s InterHigh is a place where everyone can belong. Our diverse and inclusive global online school community welcomes every family, right from your first-day induction.

Live lessons and recordings

Join real-time, timetabled classes, with lesson recordings to easily catch up on missed lessons — 24/7, without pressure.

Teacher-led education

Learn with expert, subject-specialist teachers with a passion for seeing every child succeed.

Available in three timezones

We welcome students from across the world, offering three timetables: UK, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Opportunities to socialise

Socialise with a diverse global community through our online clubs, in-person events, and summer camps.

A fully British curriculum

We follow the same British curriculum as traditional schools across the UK.

A flexible school

Access an education that recognises and nurtures your child’s individual needs with a personalised education.

A school you can trust

We are the original online school, where learning revolves around every unique student.

19 years

of experience in delivering unrivalled online schooling


successful alumni and counting

5 decades

of excellence from King's College schools

Life at an online school

The full school experience

Our students never miss out on the great parts of attending a physical school.

How we teach

How we teach at our online school

Our teachers combine innovative technologies with engaging lesson content to help students learn in the best way.

How We Teach

Live, timetabled lessons — plus lesson recordings!

Virtual classrooms

Small class sizes

Collaborative learning

Valuable teacher feedback

Making learning inclusive with technology

Student support

Prioritising student wellbeing

Every student should feel nurtured, celebrated, and supported to learn and grow, which is why wellbeing is our utmost priority at King’s InterHigh.

Pastoral care

From scheduled small group ‘tutor time’ to one-to-one sessions and workshops for concerns like anxiety, our dedicated pastoral team is always on hand to listen and support the wellbeing of our students.

SEN support

We have a dedicated SEN team who work alongside our teachers to offer accessible, student-centred SEN support, making our online learning inclusive for all.

Learn more about SEN support

A strong school community

We’re proud of our community. Every student has plenty of opportunities to make friends and memories that last a lifetime, from school trips to summer camps, adventure weekends, and meetups with local King’s InterHigh families throughout the year.

Delivering the Full UK curriculum internationally

United Kingdom
Middle East
Southeast Asia
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Students from this region can still join us from our UK or Southeast Asia timetable.

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The Americas

Want to study from North/South America?
Students from this region can still join us on our UK or Southeast Asia timetable.

School insights

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Online School FAQs

Fully online high schools and online schools for primary students are just like regular schools, except students learn from the comfort of their own home – or anywhere else in the world. Just like in any other school, students in virtual schools study set classes with a teacher, interact with their classmates, and undertake exams.

Note, however, that a purpose-built online environment is different from (and better than) the way traditional schools operated online during the pandemic. Fully online schools like King’s InterHigh have been designed and optimized for virtual learning, with over 15 years of experience delivering part-time and full-time online instruction to students around the world.

Registering at an online school is easy. First, take a look through our subject offering and fees pages, then note down which subjects your student would like to study. Next, head over to our registration page and fill in your details. Once your registration form is submitted, you will receive an email which contains a link to your online enrolment dashboard to start the process of joining our school. Click here to get started with enrolment.

Unlike most schools, online school prepares students for independent learning, setting them up for university and future careers. Online education is also highly flexible, allowing students to study and progress at a rate that suits them best. Lessons at King’s InterHigh are available for rewatching 24/7, and pupils are free to study anywhere in the world as long as they have a laptop and internet connection.

Just like traditional schooling, King’s InterHigh has a strong sense of school community and belonging, with clubs, assemblies, co-curricular and social opportunities all available on our own safe platforms. Our online learning model also ensures students receive all the support and structure they need to thrive, and pupils are free to reach out to their teachers for help and encouragement at any time.

Online academies usually deliver specific, individual subject courses. At an online school for primary, secondary, IGCSE, and A Level students, an online school sets itself apart by providing a complete education with everything you’d expect from a physical school and learning full-time online. Students at King’s InterHigh have live, timetabled classes every weekday, learning and progressing with the same set of students and qualified teachers.

While both online learning and homeschooling typically take place in a student’s home, they’re not the same thing. When children are homeschooled, their parents or guardians serve as their instructors, while online school programs are taught by qualified teachers. Homeschools also don’t need to follow the national curriculum. Schools like King’s InterHigh, however, teach a British curriculum with IGCSE and A Level online courses.

That said, online learning can be a great supplement for parents who are currently homeschooling their children. Take a look at our homeschooling page to see how we can offer you support and expand on your young student’s learning.

Experienced UK teachers deliver live lessons in real-time, all optimised for online learning, to bring your child’s education to life. Students in need of help or encouragement can always get in touch with their teachers for additional support.

Every lesson is also recorded and uploaded to the online portal, giving students 24/7 access to their past classes.

Online learning benefits a diverse mix of pupils in the UK and internationally, including young sports stars and actors, entrepreneurs, high-achieving students, and pupils who don’t suit mainstream schooling for any reason. With learning that revolves around the student, every individual can thrive at online school, with a global community and safe environment that supports their mental health.

A Level online courses are exactly the same as A Levels at traditional UK schools offering the British curriculum. Find out more about studying for A Levels virtually here.

At King’s InterHigh, we offer the IGCSE, also known as the International GCSE. GCSE and IGCSE qualifications are considered equivalent by universities, colleges, and sixth forms around the world.

Students across all age groups can join King’s InterHigh at any time of year, and enrolling takes just a few days. Pupils who enrol after the start of the academic year need not worry about catching up, as all lessons are recorded and available to view at any time.

Online school costs vary depending on the school, your child’s key stage, and how many subjects they wish to pick up. Use our fees page to find out how much online schooling at King’s InterHigh will cost for your child.

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